Post-game Reactions: Chivas at RSL

Dan Kennedy, Isidro Sanchez and Tristan Bowen shared their thoughts on Saturday's loss


Overall thoughts on the match: “I feel like if we continue to put in performances in like that, we’ll look at ourselves in August and we’ll be in a good spot. I think it was a good performance tonight. Obviously it hurts to miss a penalty kick, that’s a massive momentum changer for them. And we still created some opportunities; obviously this is a hard place to play in this league. I think we came close to shutting them out, it really came down to one or two mistakes.”

On the goal scored by Morales: “It was pretty hectic because they just had that through ball that slipped through and was chipped onto the crossbar. I know we possessed out of it and then we must have turned-over at some point and they came back down and Saborio broke down the right-hand side and we weren’t marking in the box. I mean, that’s step number one. The minute the ball’s wide you pick up the marks in the box. It’s unacceptable and we all know that. At the end, I think we’re disappointed because with that being said, there was still something in this game for us. I think it should have been 1-1, probably would have been a fair result.”

On attitude in the locker room: “The attitude’s great. The new coaching staff has done a tremendous job in really changing things. That’s what needed to happen at the end of last season. You have to remember, at the end of July last year, we were in third place in the Western Conference. We had a lot to play for last year too. So it’s early days you know, I’m happy for the grit that we’ve had. We’ve had a decent start, it’s what it is now, it’s a decent start. It’s important that we take care of our performances at home too. So now we’re going back home to face San Jose and that’s all the more important because we didn’t get anything here.”

On marking in the box and players losing focus: “Well, we play with three in the back, so it’s a lot of responsibility on the guys in the back. When someone breaks down on the side we have to slide a defender out, so then we are at two. That makes it all the more important for a midfielder to come in and pick up the maybe two, maybe three. That’s what happened. We didn’t get picked up tight enough, so guys like Javier are going to punish you. That’s what they do, that’s what they make their living off of.”



On the penalty kick taken in the first half: “In the first half we did some good things with the ball while we had it and that was one of them. The keeper just made a great save and that’s what there is to that.”

On the exchange of words between Javier Morales and Coach Sanchez: “I really don’t know what was being said between them two. I wasn’t there to hear what was going on.”



Overall thoughts on game: “In my opinion I thought we played decent. We had a few opportunities to score a goal and we didn’t put it away. As in any game in MLS, there are opportunities. There’s chances where a play breaks down and there’s one or two mistakes, a misplaced pass or someone doesn’t cover their guy and a turnover can lead into a goal and that’s what happened today.”

On the mindset playing RSL at home: “It doesn’t change from game to game. At the end of the day it’s “go out there and fight and do what we know how to do.” We did that for the most part, it was just a few mistakes that occurred and that’s where we had the breakdown. With a good team like Salt Lake we’re going to pay the price for that.”

On the impact Chelis has had on the team: “He’s got the guys believing again and the guys are fighting. I think those are the two major things that point out in my mind. But we still have a long way to go and I don’t think you can properly give a concrete answer on how he’s affected the team at this point. You know, he’s definitely a personality in the locker room and the guys are responding to him. So we just need to get a little bit cleaner on the field and the results will come.”

On maintaining possession better in the first half than the second: “I think we just relaxed a little bit more. We realize that if we can maintain possession for a few seconds and get it wide we’re going to have opportunities in front of goal and that’s what we were doing in the first half. The second half we had a few chances but obviously we were down a goal we have to push up a little bit more and take more risks. So I think that’s what happened in the second half. With that being said, we still had a few decent, decent looks at goal, still half chances but obviously we have to take some risks being down 1-0 away from home.