Know your coach: Osvaldo Scansetti

Get to know the masterminds behind Chivas USA's success

Osvaldo Scansetti

Photo Credit: 
Olivia Cervantes

Like many young soccer players, Osvaldo Scansetti dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player. After an unfortunate injury at 17 years old, Argentine-born Scansetti decided to pursue a career as a Physical Trainer.  

Starting his career in Argentina, a friend suggested he travel to Mexico, where he would work with then-Youth Academy Coordinator Jose Luis Sanchez Solá, also known as ‘El Chelis,’ in the Academy System of Mexican club Puebla starting in 2002. After three years, Chelis was named coach for Puebla’s Second Division Team and Scansetti joined him on the four-year journey. Now with Chivas USA, Coach Scansetti is happy to be doing what he loves and, most of all, to be a part of Chivas USA.

“Every member of the coaching staff is passionate about what they do,” Scansetti said. “We might make mistakes but we give our all, just like what we expect from every player. We’re going to do the impossible to improve this team a lot more than how it was last year; in results, and everything we do, it’s at 100%.”

Fun facts on Scansetti:

*In his free time, Coach Scansetti likes to read and watch videos about his field

*His favorite player is Diego Maradona

*Scansetti’s wife and daughter still live in Mexico; his wife is expected to give birth to their second child on Monday, April 15

*He enjoys food, but lists tacos at the top

*After success in Puebla, Coach Scansetti was named CITLALI Best Fitness Coach of First Division

*His most memorable moment of his professional career was when Puebla ascended to the Mexican First Division. “To see the stadium, all the people, the city that are so focused and supportive of the team and see them ascend to first division was huge. It was a big achievement for us as professionals,” Scansetti said.