Chelis: “With or without an early goal against us, that shouldn’t be an excuse"

Coach Chelis, Joaquin Velazquez and Dan Kennedy talked about Chivas' disappointing loss

Jose Luis Sanchez Sola Chelis

Photo Credit: 
Cuauhtemoc Reyes/ Chivas USA


Thoughts on the game: “It was a well-deserved loss. We did not put a fight. We did not have enough strength and believe me, I’m very happy with the loss because this is a sport, and in sports, the one who’s more decisive is the one who takes the win. Today, my team wasn’t decisive, we didn’t have ideas and we presented a poor performance.”

About the early goal: “With or without an early goal against us, that shouldn’t be an excuse. We didn’t have enough ideas on the field and that’s the result of it.”

About overconfidence: “The only path that we have now, is hard work. We don’t have any other choice. We thought we would get an easy win because our past results. We were unbeaten in four games and we thought we were hot stuff and of course, we got away from the hard work, which should be our only path.”

What to do next: “This is my problem. I have to be able to communicate better with my team and if I have to do it every day, then I will have to. Today, I felt like Mourinho and I was wrong. We all have to work harder every day. Maybe they will beat us again, but we’ll fall with our heads up. Today we lost and we walk with our heads down and that shouldn’t happen.”



Thoughts on the match: “We could have started better. We had a lazy start and it cost us the game.”

Thoughts on the missed PK: “It affects us a lot, but besides that I think we lacked the intensity we have had in the past games. It’s reflected by the score.”

On Antunez’s injury: “Obviously it affected our line-up. We had been working with him all week, but there are no excuses, they beat us. We have to get back on track and do things right in order to get wins.”



Thoughts on the match: “A little disappointed. We missed a penalty. It’s not Correa’s fault by any means. It’s just one of those games. We gave them way too many opportunities and they kind of got going. In the second half we adjusted a little better. We cut a little better. Home games we expect to win, but in the end it’s still early in the season and we still have a lot of points to show for and we’re just going to get on with it.”

On the effect Antunez’s injury had on the match: “Any time we have to make adjustments in the first half it doesn’t help you. We were pressing the game in the second half. We were one sub short and we would have liked to bring another attacking player on, but instead we had to supplement a midfielder. Those kinds of things always affect the game.”