Training Report ahead of SuperClásico

Chelis on rivalry with the LA Galaxy: “Every game is a new story”

Jose Luis Sanchez Sola Chelis training

Photo Credit: 
Olivia Cervantes

Two days before the first SuperClásico of the year, Chivas USA is determined to get the first SuperClásico win of the season.

The Goats arrived at The Home Depot Center’s Field 6 for training on Friday morning, ready to work on what Coach Chelis wants to see from them Sunday afternoon against the LA Galaxy. Although the Red-and-White focused on perfecting tactics for the big game, a recreational exercise helped ease any anxiety in camp. The team held a short hand soccer scrimmage, in which the yellow team came out victorious 5-3.

Chivas USA head into Sunday’s game with a boost of confidence, having earned their first victory of the season last weekend. Despite the win, history in the SuperClásico does not stand in favor of the Goats; the Galaxy have taken 16 wins, 4 losses and 5 draws.

“Every game is a new story,” Chelis said. “Numbers in soccer are meant to be analyzed. Personally, they help a lot; everyone analyzes the numbers as they wish.”

During the week, the team worked on perfecting passing accuracy and on the attack tactics. To Coach Chelis, the plan for the SuperClásico goes beyond what is practiced on the field.

“If this team fights for 90 minutes, and they’re united, we’re going to win,” Coach Chelis said. “It doesn’t depend on the players, but it depends on me to incite them to be united and to fight. I’m sure that that is the key to win this game and many others. We need to be together, we need to fight and we need to copy the greatness of great teams in this league.”

As for the result of the game, Coach Chelis made a clear opinion: “I want players to come to the field on Monday and say, ‘the win was for Chivas and forget the history.”