The start of a new era

Chivas USA unveils its new secondary jersey; presents 27-man roster

Chivas USA unveils secondary kit

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Chivas USA

One day before Opening Match, Chivas USA unveiled its new away jersey in front of media, Chivas Guadalajara executives and special guests on Friday afternoon at The Home Depot Center’s Tennis Pavilion.

The event officially kicked off with Sporting President Dennis te Klose making his first appearance in Southern California since joining Chivas USA and Chivas Guadalajara in December.

“Chivas USA is in a good moment, and we are happy to be supported by the brand Chivas that allows us to have high expectations,” te Klose said. “We are going to begin to implement new things, and because of that, I think it is a good moment.”

Te Klose also officially presented Jose Luis Sanchez Solá, aka “El Chelis,” as the Red-and-White’s new head coach, as well as his coaching staff and 27-man roster. In early preseason, Chelis announced Dan Kennedy as the team captain. With 13 players returning for another season with the Red-and-White, Kennedy is excited about the changes in the team and the start of the new season.

“A lot of change has happened in the past five months with Chivas USA and with change comes great opportunity,” said team captain Dan Kennedy in his opening speech. “I’m extremely excited how preseason has gone with the coaching staff and all the new players. We have the opportunity to prove something very special, not only to ourselves and the press but to this league. I’m really optimistic and excited for where we are going and it all starts tomorrow, that’s the best part about it.”

After building much expectation, the media and special guests were ready to see what they were waiting for: Chivas USA’s secondary jersey. Tristan Bowen, Giovani Casillas, Edgar Mejia, Miller Bolaños and Jorge Villafaña wore large jackets to hide the jersey that they wore underneath. After a few moments of momentum, the players revealed the jerseys, causing cameras to go off in frenzy. 

Compared to last year’s away kit, the new jersey now has red stripes on the arms, and includes a special crest that identifies the club with its home town: Los Angeles. The new Chivas crest includes symbols similar to those found in the City of Los Angeles crest.

(Click here to view a picture of the crest)

The Red-and-White will kick-off the 2013 season hosting the Columbus Crew Saturday at The Home Depot Center at 7:30 pm PT. Click here to purchase your tickets and follow the match via Chivas USA’s official gameday account on Twitter: @ChivasGameday