Quote sheet: Coach Chelis

The Red-and-White strategist spoke about the SuperClasico after Friday's training

Coach Chelis on the LA Galaxy’s hegemony in SuperClásico:

With those paternities you talk about, I wouldn’t go out to play. In soccer, every game is a new story. Numbers in soccer are meant to be analyzed. Personally, they help a lot; everyone analyzes the numbers as they wish. The way you analyze it, you’re going to sell more newspapers. For me, it’s not worth analyzing it that way, it’s not convenient, it’s not positive; I would be in a circle of defects and that doesn’t help anybody.

On what he’s seen in Galaxy’s way of play:

They’re a team that has been very united for a long time, almost since the start of the league. They manage themselves as a team and that gives them the winning personality. Whether they play good or bad, they think they’re good. So, a team that feels good never puts their head down, never stops fighting and never stops doing what they need to do to get to the top.

Question: Why do you not like Galaxy?

I could not like Ferrari or the houses in Beverly Hills. I recognize the greatness of the team.

On what the team will need in order to win on Sunday:

A lot of fight and a lot of union. If this team fights for 90 minutes, and they’re united, we’re going to win. It doesn’t depend on the players, but it depends on me to incite them to be united and to fight. I’m sure that that is the key to win this game and many others. We need to be together, we need to fight and we need to copy the greatness of great teams in this league.

Question: Is the game special to you because it’s the SuperClásico?

[In English] It’s a classic to the city. It’s three points but in the head, in the mind, to the players, more than three, it’s a win. Monday, you can come to the field and say ‘today, the win is Chivas and forgot the history.’ That is another idea that erases the past.

On galaxy win over Chicago

The Galaxy’s style of play, they’re so conceited, they know they’re good that they do it constantly. Look at the Galaxy’s rhythm, how it doesn’t change; they play at the same rhythm throughout the entire game. The games that I have watched, against Chicago and Herediano, all erosion. Check out the goals and the when they are scored. They’re not scored in the 20th or 30th minute, they start scoring at the 70th or 80th minute. Erosion.

On the team’s engagement with Chelis:

We can get to a level of play a little over the one we are now. There’s not much of the same quality. Why? Because the quality in soccer costs money. Likewise, this team doesn’t have a lot quality, but in the style of play and the way they make things easier, they can reach big things. That’s my responsibility. I count with the attention of 27 players, ready to do as I say. And that commits me to tell them intelligent things and I’m not on the intelligent level every day. A lot of the times, I mess up, I make a lot of errors; yesterday I committed a lot of errors. It’s bad on my part, to have a group so attentive, ready and so disposed to do things and that I can’t communicate that to them.

On playing the first away game:

Are they going to throw bottles at me? I come from Mexico’s first division; I’ve been in very difficult stadiums that from the moment I arrive, all the fans are saying “***** tu madre Chelis” and that’s how it is for 95 minutes. You think they’re going to scream ‘****** tu madre Chelis’ for 95 minutes? Are they going to throw urine at me? Are they going to throw bottles? Rocks? It’s ok what the Galaxy fans do. They’re supporting their team.