Dan Kennedy: I’m proud of all the guys

Kennedy, Coach Chelis, Joaquin Velazquez & Juan Agudelo spoke about Chivas' 4-1 win at Chicago


Goalkeeper Dan Kennedy

On the match: “It was excellent. To come here in these conditions and get a result is phenomenal. We went up a goal, and then gave up a goal; sometimes when the home team gets backs into the game like that they take over. We just responded with three more. For a goalkeeper it was a really fun game. You get a chance to make some saves and the team puts four goals on the board, and it relieves a little pressure.”

On using this game as a building-block going into the rest of the season: “I said all preseason with this group, everyone is so new so it is important that we get off on the right foot and build team chemistry together on the field, and that’s what we are doing. I’m proud of all the guys. It’s not easy to come in this environment and win.”

On what the team needs to work on: “Their goal seemed to come out of a little bit of nothing. I kind of put that on the conditions – everything was a little bit hectic out there. So for me, I thought we did a really good job on set pieces. Offensively they didn’t get a sniff and then going forward, again, to score four goals, it’s a game changer. It makes other teams respect you and they have to be a little bit more defensive minded against us. So that’s important for us. Obviously last half of last season didn’t go the way we wanted it to go but fortunately, all the guys that are still here from that group have moved on and everyone else that is new didn’t experience that, so we’re looking to move forward with this and we know we still have a long way to go.”


Head Coach Jose Luis Sanchez Sola “Chelis”

On the importance of getting a road victory: “We had a lot of luck. We won because we scored goals, it is as simple as that. I never thought I would have told you this but we won because we scored two goals. They played with a lot of bad luck, a lot of bad luck. They did a lot to try and score the first half and nothing. We had five opportunities, and scored on four. This is a group who has no blame of what happened, or they have all the blame of what happened. Because they shoot, because they go in, because they organize, and because they keep on shooting. It has nothing to do with the great effort that these players give. We are still moving forward and have yet to take a step backwards.”


Defender Joaquin Velazquez

On the 4-1 result: Furthermore than the final results, we came with the intentions of getting points. We wanted the win. Thank God it came to us, we gave a grand effort. It was a game that was very complicated.”

On his goal: “It was a fixed play that we practiced during the week. It doesn’t always pan out, it isn’t always exact. But today we were fortunate that it happened and it was useful for getting an advantage on the scoreboard.”

On effectiveness of the second half in relation to the first half: “We adjusted. In the first half we could never get the ball. When we would recuperate, we would lose the ball right away. So we adjusted at halftime, and fortunately, we bettered ourselves.”


Forward Juan Agudelo

On the match: “We felt like we were able to get past the first half. We were not used to the wind. We thought the wind would work if we had the wind behind us, it would work in our favor. But actually it was the opposite tonight. I feel like Chicago had the better play in the first half but then when we were going against the wind, we felt like we played better. I just thought it was huge, that third goal, it gave us a lot of space to finish off the game.”

On the changes to the team dynamic in the second half:

“It felt like the long balls, the wind was holding the ball up and we were able to put pressure on their center backs. It gave us some extra time and possession because the balls we were playing the first half were going to the goalkeeper.”

On his goal: “I made a really long run from the midfield and I was exhausted and Larentowicz – he knew I was going toward the goal – we were fighting a little bit trying to get position. I just thought, it is a tough ball for him to bring down and if I just get my body in the way, then hopefully I can get the ball and I was able to slot it home and help my team.”

On the team’s offensive effort: “We really don’t train too much with finishing in practice. I guess it’s working the games and we are just able to put ourselves in good situations where we are able to finish off our chances.”

On moving in a positive direction as a team: “It feels awesome. We are getting more respect, it feels awesome.”