Chelis: The players won, not me

Coach Chelis, Juan Agudelo, Oswaldo Minda and Giovani Casillas spoke about the Chivas victory

Giovani Casillas goal celebration

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Thoughts on the match: “In this team we are all obligated to play soccer, but nobody is obligated to do the impossible.  However, this team [Chivas USA] today got to the edge of the impossible. This team, to many, lacks the quality, but if you pay attention, we scored the first and second goals with a lot of quality. I believe that’s the difference between last week and today. We, as a group, are fighting and giving all on the field, that’s what we are obligated to do. For that, everyone who is involved with this team, we are doing our best, day in and day out. If with that, we can do what we did today, I have to say welcome. We still can improve in many aspects, especially individually. Today, we missed a lot of passes and we should have been close to score more.”

On the substitutions: “Obviously you make substitutions looking to improve your team’s performance, but please do not give me credit for the win. The players won today, not me. Every one of my players wants to go in. If I could, I would make seven substitutions, but I can’t. This win is a credit to all my players.”

On the win: “This is our first win, we are still like a new-born in this league, but thank God we did something good today and that gives credibility to my players and the institution. As I said before, we committed several mistakes on the field, but the only mistake that I’m not going to allow is for my players to stop fighting. I insist, my players should never put their heads down, and today we demonstrated that once again. With the score against us [1-0] , with little time on the clock, we came back when some people thought we were dead and [Chivas USA] kept on fighting and found Dallas’ net three times.”



Thoughts on the match: “Excellent, we held on. I think we deserved more because we had been working hard throughout the game. We scored by recovering balls just as the coach asked us to.”

Thoughts on the goal: “I feinted and moved away from the defender to open up, received the ball shielding it with my body, and then put it in the net.”

On Chelis’ instructions after equalizing: “The coach encouraged us to move forward, to score the goal, and we ended scoring two more.”



Thoughts on the match: “Very Happy. It was a great game. We fought hard throughout the game and pressured well. We capitalized on our opportunities this time. I am very happy to have scored my first goal in the league”

Thoughts on the goal: “It was on a counter attack. [Eric] Avila was dribbling the ball and [Edgar “Chore” Mejia] and I were running the sidelines. When we got near the box, Avila gave “Chore” the ball and he saw that I was in a good position. Finally, the goalkeeper came out so I placed it to his side and it went in.”

On Chelis’ motivation leading up to the match: “It is very good. “Chelis” is always there to support us as players. He has confidence in us. Thank God he gave me the opportunity to enter the match in second half, so it’s up to me to take advantage of it.”



Thoughts on the match: “What can I say, it was a great match, difficult at times but the team reacted well and put in the right effort and drive, which is what’s important.”

Thoughts on his season debut: “We work for the team and for everything to go well. Hopefully, we continue on this good path.”

Change in mentality: “It is always difficult for newly-formed teams at the beginning. The team has suffered throughout the week because of last week’s result, but today’s results came from the hard work and dedication we have put in during training sessions day in and day out.”