Alvarez: "We played as a team and that’s why we got the victory”

Carlos Alvarez, Coach Chelis and Eric Avila spoke about Chivas USA's second consecutive win

Group Goal Celebration

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Thoughts on the match: “The team played really well. They gave more than one hundred percent. We played as a team and that’s why we got the victory.”

Thoughts on the own-goal: “I had an open shot and I took it. It got deflected and it was fortunate enough to get in. I’m thankful that it went in and I’m just happy for the team.”

On team’s four-game unbeaten streak: “We keep working hard as a team and if we continue, we’ll be fine”



Thoughts on team’s performance: “Much better. In the last match we just completed 145 passes. Today, I don’t have the statistics yet, but we surpassed that by a lot. We had more ball possession. We dared to play the ball, and no better week than this one to continue to progress. The team that wants to beat us either here or away has to run more than us. If they don’t run more than us, then we’ve secured a point. Because as much as these players run and fight, that point is already guaranteed. Today we played good soccer or better than we’ve played the first four games. We had ball possession and created goal plays that were well accompanied by the players. The second goal was a thing of beauty.”

On injured players: “The way we play is very dangerous, with regards to yellow cards and injuries. We play to win and we have to react in tenths of a second. The two injuries from today are muscular, because of the way we play. The good thing is that I don’t have a game next week and I have more time enjoy this one.”

Thoughts on team being a contender: “My team is made for every week. I want to look at the cup half full. How long it’s going to last, I don’t know. But I want to see the glass half full. Surprise or no surprise, Chivas exists.”



Thoughts on the match: “We came out strong in the first half. We had all the energy and luckily we pressed and we got the first goal”

Thoughts on his goal: “[Jorge] Villafaña was going down on the left side, like he always does, and I have to be there on the back post. The whole play was building, he got a cross and I had a one-time shot.”

On team’s four-game unbeaten streak: “We try not to think about that, we try to just think about the next game. We’re done with this game and now let’s focus on the next game. We are not thinking about anything else.”