Training Report: Final week ahead

Chivas USA held training Monday morning with one thing on their mind: Opening Match

Jose Luis Sanchez Sola Chelis training

Photo Credit: 
Olivia Cervantes

“Last week!”

That was one of the most repeated phrases in Chivas USA’s training session Monday morning. With five days left until Opening Match, the Red-and-White squad was in good spirits for training.

Head coach Jose Luis Sanchez Solá returned from his trip to Mexico on Friday evening and attended Chivas USA’s final preseason scrimmage on Saturday, a 5-1 victory over the L.A Blues, but made his first appearance in training on Monday. The first hour of training consisted of strength and conditioning exercises, while in the second half of training, the team participated in a three-team tournament; each team consisted of eight players each. The rules of tournament:

  • To score, players must be on attacking side
  • The first team that earns three points (goals) moves on

For the first eight points, teams were only allowed only two-touch play. Once the team earned from nine to 16 points, teams were allowed three touches; 17 to 24 points, unlimited amount of touches. The first team that reached 24 points would be the champion of the tournament.

After thirty minutes of play, the blue team came out on top and won the tournament. The team included goalkeeper Dan Kennedy, Giovani Casillas, Jose Correa, Oswaldo Minda, Carlos Borja, Mario de Luna, Eric Avila, Josue Soto and Emilio Orozco.

Click here to see a photo of the winners

While midfielder Oswaldo Minda trained with the team for the entire session, Jorge Villafaña trained separately as he continues recovering from an ankle sprain.

Chivas USA will train everyday this week ahead of Saturday’s season opener against Columbus Crew at 7:30 pm PT at The Home Depot Center. Click here to purchase your tickets to this exciting match, or follow us on Twitter (@cdchivasusa) for all the latest team updates.