Training Report: One week into camp

The Red-and-White conclude training before their first preseason scrimmage of the season

Ben Zemanski training

Photo Credit: 
Olivia Cervantes

The music continued for Chivas USA as the team hit The Home Depot Center stadium turf field for the third day of eight of double sessions. The Goats will play their first preseason scrimmage of the year facing UC Irvine in The Home Depot Center’s Track and Field Stadium.

In the rain, Chivas USA began the morning session focusing on fitness and ball recovery. While in the afternoon session, the team took the first 30 minutes to watch videos of their first preseason rival. The real training began with passing drills and then proceeded to a short inter-squad scrimmage.

In the first week that the Red-and-White has been in training this year, Coach Chelis has already started to see his ideal roster come together.

“I don’t know how the team didn’t earn points, why [last] season was so bad; I can’t figure out the reasons behind the bad things that happened here,” Coach Chelis said about the team. “I’m very happy, very satisfied with all the players that are here.”

For Chivas USA’s first scrimmage of the preseason, Coach Chelis has already set a goal for the team, that does not specifically involve a victory.

“What we have done in the last three days, we’re going to put it to practice,” said Coach Chelis. “We’re going to recover the ball and put it in the box. Did I talk about winning? No. Did I mention goals? No. We’re simply going to work on recovery and finishing the play.”

Fans are encouraged to come out and support the Red-and-White. Hope to see you there!