Training Report: Jan. 23

Team begins eight days of double training session; music playing a big role in camp

Chivas USA team training

Photo Credit: 
Olivia Cervantes

To the rhythm and beats of Pitbull and ‘cumbia’ songs, Chivas USA returned for the fifth day of preseason training after having their first day off on Tuesday. Even though coach Chelis began using music in training on Saturday, it wasn’t until today that a loud speaker was brought in.

When asked the reason behind the music in training, coach Chelis simply explained that he doesn’t like ambient sounds and that music motivates the players and creates a better environment. To returning Chivas USA players, music during training is something rare that was not used by former Chivas USA coaches.

“I think every trainer has their own way of working,” said midfielder Jorge Villafaña. “He has his own concepts, and obviously he likes music, it motivates him, and the players like it, too. It’s something different that he brings and it’s the first time I see it being used.”

The first session of the day was focused on player recovery, working on fitness and running. With Chelis’ passion in full mode, all training attendees could hear (besides the music) was coach screaming “A muerte!” (“To death!”) as the team practiced passing and recovery of the ball. In the afternoon session, the Goats focused on offense, and this time, Chelis’ yells were simply “Goal! More goals!”

Players and team staff will be staying in a local hotel for the next eight days.. During those eight days, the team will have a morning and afternoon training session at The Home Depot Center. Fans are encouraged to come out and support the team during training. For more information on training, follow us on Twitter: @cdchivasusa