Training Report: First day out

SuperDraft pick Carlos Alvarez & Coach Chelis make their debut in Chivas USA’s training session

Carlos Alvarez

Photo Credit: 
Olivia Cervantes

Chivas USA’s head coach Jose Luis ‘El Chelis’ Sanchez Solá returned from MLS SuperDraft in Indianapolis on Friday and made his debut in the team’s training session on Saturday morning. New Chivas USA player Carlos Alvarez also made his debut in Chivas USA’s training session after being selected in the 2013 MLS SuperDraft on Thursday. Already feeling the good chemistry with the team, Alvarez just wants to get to work.

“I looked forward to meeting the guys and understanding the philosophy of the coach,” the East LA native said. “I want to start working and to start improving as a team, collectively.”

During training, Alvarez repeatedly looked up to the fans section whenever he could, trying to make out a few people he recognized: his parents and his brother.

“I didn’t know that they were going to be here, but it was nice seeing them,” Alvarez said “Just knowing that they’re behind me and supporting me and the team, it’s something unbelievable.”

Early on in training, Coach Chelis spoke with team staff about having possible music during training. Few moments later, Chivas USA’s supporter group Union Ultras brought out their drums and began chanting throughout the entire training session.

Fans are encouraged to come out to Chivas USA training; for more information on training dates and times, follow us on Twitter: @cdchivasusa

Click here to view a photo gallery of Saturday’s practice. Thanks to all the fans that were able to come out and support the Goats!