Preseason camp fun facts

Think you know what's going on in preseason camp? Find out some interesting facts about Chivas

Chivas USA team training

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Olivia Cervantes

One week into training, Chivas USA players are getting to know each other, their habits and the philosophy that head coach Jose Luis Sanchez Solá wants to implement this season. Below are some fun facts that we have learned during training.

-Coach Chelis DOES wear socks

When Coach Jose Luis Sanchez Sola arrived in Los Angeles, he said that he did not like wearing socks since he was a kid because the cotton gave him goose bumps all over his body. Once he joined training, Chelis began wearing socks with his cleats. We verified with our equipment staff and they are not special material socks (100% cotton).

Aside from his clothing attire, right before the start of training, Chelis steps away from everyone to reflect on what he wants to work on for that session. He also steps away from training and goes into a distance to take notes of what he sees on the field and how he wants to improve.

-Players love the music

Coach Chelis brought into Chivas USA something that had never been used before: music. Not only does the music help lighten up the mood, but it motivates the players to train hard. Music played in camp ranges from English pop to hip-hop and reggaeton.

“I like the music and so do the other guys,” said midfielder Jorge Villafaña. “Once I get into training, I don’t really hear the music anymore and I focus on what I have to do.”

-Wash loads

Think you have a lot of clothes to wash? Chivas USA’s equipment staff has washed over 56 loads of clothing in the seven days that Chivas USA has been in preseason. According to Equipment Manager Jose Vargas, they wash a total of 8 loads per day in an industrial washer. They calculate that in total, they’ve washed over 200 pounds since the start of training.