Ask Chelis

Fans sent us their questions for the Chivas USA coach and he answered them!

Jose Luis Sanchez Sola at Home Depot Center

Photo Credit: 
Olivia Cervantes

You asked, and so did we. Chivas USA gave fans an opportunity to send us their questions for new head coach Jose Luis Sanchez Solá, better known as ‘El Chelis.’ Upon his arrival to Los Angeles Monday afternoon, had the opportunity to talk with the coach and get the answers to fans questions. Below are some of the questions and answers:

CHIVAFANS: What will be Chivas USA’s style of play this season and how do you plan on achieving that?

JOSE LUIS SANCHEZ SOLÁ: We’re going to be offensive and with have a lot of goal scoring opportunities. We’re going to achieve that with conviction.

CF: What identity and culture-besides a winning one-do you hope to establish at Chivas USA?

JLSS: It’s going to be a Mexican identity. It has to be a team that represents the Mexican club in this league.

CF: Chelis, how important to you is the Chivas USA Youth Academy?

JLSS: It’s important to take from there, especially in a country that is in development of the sport for our youth. Soccer is the most played sport in high schools and if you want to nourish the team, you have to go to the youth clubs. It’s fundamental; it’s as important as the weekend [first team] results.

CF: What plans do you have for Chivas USA to get them to the top?

JLSS: Whether we’ll be in the first spots, I don’t know, but I’m sure that fans will come to the stadium and have fun, they will come enthusiastically and they will identify with the team. All their hard work that they apply in their workplace will be worth it. That, I am sure of. Now, the rival also wants to win, and that’s when we’ll know who has more quality. We’re going to have much more determination, and if that’s enough, we’re going to be champions.

CF: What places are you looking forward to visiting now that you live in LA?

JLSS: My focus is in Carson and The Home Depot Center.

CF: Why don’t you like wearing socks?

JLSS: The contact of my nail with the fibers gives me small bumps over my body ever since I was a kid. For me, it’s a comodity to not wear socks.