Q&A with Coach Chelis

The new Chivas USA head coach spoke about his plans for the club

Jose Luis Sanchez Solá, better known as Chelis, was named Chivas USA’s head coach on December 12 after six years of coaching experience in Mexico’s first and second division. Chelis spoke with CDChivasUSA.com and talked about the Chivas USA project and what fans could expect in the 2013 season:

CDChivasUSA: How do you feel now that you’re Chivas USA’s new head coach?

Jose Luis Sánchez Solá: I feel very happy, with a lot of hope and many dreams yet to be fulfilled but very, very happy.

CDChivasUSA: What motivated you to want to be a part of the Chivas USA Project?

JLSS: There are a lot of things to be done. Everything that needs to be done is very tangible, it’s on the table. We need to give the fans a style of soccer they like. We need to win games because we have won very little and we need to bring Mexican players, Chivas [de Guadalajara] players, make them believe [in the project] and bring that, that in the last eight, nine years, Chivas USA has not been able to do. The team does not have an identity, and up until today, has been flavorless and that’s what motivated me to accept the project.

CDChivasUSA: What do you think Chivas USA needs to work on in the field?

JLSS: We need to recuperate the ball when it’s in the enemy’s territory; it doesn’t have anything to do with physical display and we have to have better managing of the ball and occupy offensive spaces in a better way.

CDChivasUSA: What are your goals/objectives for the 2013 season?

JLSS: My objective is to make the playoffs and have a spectacular style of soccer that will make people come to the stadium, have fun and have a great time. In order to do that, we need to have a more dynamic style of play, players that fans can identify with and of course, make the playoffs.

CDChivasUSA: Do you have a message to the Red-and-White fans here in Los Angeles?

JLSS: In the beginning of every season, I’m told [by the fans] that they are promised a lot of things. Personally speaking, I’m going to keep all my promises and make them true to the fans. My goal is to have the fans be part of the team. They can count on me; I am one more of them.

If you want to know more about Chelis, make sure to give him a follow on Twitter: @ElChelis.