Vergara takes full control

The Chivas USA owner spoke about changes in the club and getting the team to MLS Cup final

Jorge Vergara Press Conference

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Chivas USA

Tuesday turned into a busy day for Chivas USA owner Jorge Vergara as he held meetings with community leaders, sponsors, front office and coaching staff, closing with a press conference in Beverly Hills. 

For the first time since gaining full ownership and control of Chivas USA in early October, the Southern California media had their first opportunity to speak with Vergara to find out about the future and his interest in the club.

“[Angelica and I] wanted to make this dream come true and once again, we have that chance,” Vergara said about re-taking control of Chivas USA. “This is a challenge, but we take on it with a lot of excitement.”

One of the main topics in Tuesday’s press conference and among the things in the wish list of many Chivas USA fans: designated players. Since the start of the club in 2005, Chivas USA has not yet counted with a designated player in any of its rosters.

“We’re going to search for a designated player,” said Vergara. “MLS gives us a great opportunity, which hasn’t been taken advantage of in the past years. We need to bring a player in the best form for Chivas USA.”

To get the team to where the club owners (and fans) want it to be, Chivas needs wins, and wins lead to championships. When Vergara initially bought Chivas de Guadalajara in 2002, one of his first statements as club owner was the prediction of making the team national champions within the next five years. In four years, the Guadalajara-based team lifted its 11th Mexican First Division cup, converting the club into the team with the most titles in nation. asked Vergara if he had set a time frame for when he sees Chivas USA lifting MLS Cup; the businessman simply answered, “I’d like to see that in two years.”

Most importantly, Mr. Vergara had a special message to all Chivas USA fans:

 “We want to tell our fans that we’re investing money in the club and retaking the control of Chivas with the goal that they will be part of the local community, and that we give Chivas back to the fans. We want the club to become what we all want it to be, a successful team, and I’m sure fans are going to give it their all to support us,” finalized Vergara.