“Angelica Fuentes, key partner in development of Grupo Omnilife – Chivas” Jorge Vergara affirms

The executive president has controlled the financial realm of the company to a standout growth

CARSON, Calif. - (Tuesday, November 13, 2012) - Since her arrival to the institution in 2007, Angelica Fuentes Tellez has consolidated into a strategist and leader in the financial and administrative branch of Grupo Omnilife – Chivas, and currently stands as executive president, with a standout performance and a principal drive for Jorge Vergara within the organization.

Based on the structural and financial schemes, Angelica Fuentes has been able to drive Grupo Omnilife – Chivas to become an economically stable company, presenting black numbers, when in moments, they were red digits. The organization reflects the changes in growth in both the Omnilife empire as well as the soccer operations of Chivas under the direction of Angelica Fuentes.

“Angelica has done an extraordinary job, transforming the financial aspects in the Group. From red numbers, she converted them into black numbers,” affirmed Vergara.

The construction of Estadio Omnilife, home of Chivas de Guadalajara, and the reconstruction and reorganization of finances of the Guadalajara-based institution, are just a few achievements that the executive president of Grupo Omnilife – Chivas has obtained.

In addition, Fuentes was key in the recent negotiations in the United States, which led to Grupo Omnilife - Chivas taking full control of Chivas USA and planning to driving it to success, which was the main objective since the beginning, but over the years has not been able to meet expectations.

With different strategies, which will be similar to those applied to Chivas and Omnilife, Chivas USA will be lead into the perfect functionality in soccer operations, finance and economic areas, which will lead the Goats forward to a promising future in its new era under the direction of Vergara and Fuentes, who are the main protagonists behind the success of Grupo Omnilife – Chivas.