Year in Review: Union Ultras

The Ultras not only supported Chivas USA on the field, but their fellow members as well


They sing. They jump. They yell.  But above all, they’re family. They are the Union Ultras.

The Ultras have been standing in Section 101 since 2007 and since then, they haven’t stopped. Even when team results weren’t in Chivas’ favor, the Ultras kept on cheering and bringing light to The Home Depot Center.

“Win or lose; if the team is losing 10-0, 5-0, we get mad and we show it, but we’re not going to stop supporting the club,” said Union Ultras representative Julio Ramos. “Players, coaches, trainers come and go, but the supporters never go. It’s our duty to be the 12th man on the field.”

Aside from cheering for Chivas USA in Carson, the Ultras have gone long and far to give the team an extra push on the field. From Ultras fans across the country, to caravans to Portland, the Ultras are there to support their team and have been able to grow to about 200 members this season.

“Our trip to Portland has been the best trip we’ve had; about 50 of us travelled on a bus. Once the game began, the two [Chivas USA] supporter groups came together and that was something unique,” said Ramos. “Portland’s supporter groups consisted of about three thousand and with our hundred fans, we sang much louder than them throughout the entire game and most importantly, we won the game.”

But the Ultras not only support the club, but also consider each and every member of their group as part of their family and support each other. In the beginning of the season, the Ultras set themselves to raise funds to pay for fellow Ultras member Daniel Amaya’s college tuition. As the season went on, other members’ needs became apparent, leading the group to support them as well. But their objective to help Amaya has not stopped, as they will carry the campaign to the following season.

“Even though we consider ourselves a supporter group, we not only support Chivas USA, but we consider each member of our group family,” said Jose Salcedo, Union Ultras representative. “That really helped us realize that we’re a true family and we support each other in everything.”

But what can we expect from the Ultras in 2013?

“Our objective is always to be the best. Even if we’re smaller than any other group in MLS, we’re always looking to improve,” said Ramos. “Just like we expect the team to improve, we also expect ourselves to be the best we can and continue growing in our numbers.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Union Ultras or would like to join, click here for more information.