Post-game Reactions: Chivas vs Rapids

Tim Melia, Coach Fraser, James Riley and Ben Zemanski talk about the loss to the Rapids

Tim Melia Colorado Rapids

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Thoughts on the match: “I think we shot ourselves on the foot, I thought we definitely had our opportunites, we controlled more in the second half. We shot ourselves in the foot like we have all season and its tough to come back when you’re in a hole.”

On fan support: “The fans have been great you have to say thank you to them for coming out here every game even though we didn’t have a good season, they’ve been huge.”



Thoughts on match: “I feel like we’ve sat and had this press conference many times before, where we do some things well, didn’t capitalize on our opportunities, made some pretty critical mistakes, and the story plays out as we’ve seen before.  It was just a disjointed effort that, at times, were promising and we created some really good chances, and if you don’t score your chances, then you certainly put yourself behind the eight ball.  It was a disappointing night, for sure.  Certainly, the season has been disappointing, but you feel like every game is an opportunity to redeem yourself somewhat.  It was a disappointing night.  Certainly, you always want to at least close out a season on a positive note.  ”

Looking ahead: “At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are.  You have to play well and you have to win – that’s part of the job.  And that’s certainly the approach going into this coming weekend as well as we determine the players we think are going to play the best and give us the best chance to win.  Regardless of whether we are in the playoffs or not, I’ve always felt this way – that every time you turn up, it’s an opportunity to do your best and try to get a result.  You always have an eye toward next season, but the job is still here to be done.  As of now, there’s still one more game to play, ninety minutes left to play.  And certainly, I would think that we all feel like we need to finish on a better note than we showed tonight.”

Tim Melia’s debut: “Tim’s a very good goalkeeper.  I’ve known him for a while and I’ve seen him for a while.  He had some good moments and then he had some moments I thought he looked maybe a little inexperienced.  But certainly, he’s got a bright future.  He’s a very good goalkeeper.”



Thoughts on the match: “We had some good possession, some good opportunities. They were clinical for theirs, we gave it to them again and we created something we weren’t able to capitalize and it’s kind of been the theme of the season. I thought the guys gave a good effort in the second half, the first half was a little slow, we found ourselves in a hole and we were playing catch-up.”

On fan support: “They’ve been fantastic for us obviously. They’ve stuck with us through the ups and downs, and obviously next year we want to give them something to cheer about with wins at home and some entertaining soccer. We will definitely work hard in the off season to give them that because that’s what they deserve.”

On the season closer: “We want to end on high, we will prepare this week and prepare to go down to Dallas and win. We still have pride to play for, we still have the club to play for, so we’ll go about it as professionals.”



On fan support:  “It was disappointing not to give these crowds a result. They’ve came out all year to support us and it was a frustrating year for all of us. It was really disappointing to not give them something to go home with. We can’t thank them enough. The hardest thing to do is to support a team that is struggling a little bit right now and hats off to them for coming out to every game and giving their support. I really appreciate it and the whole team appreciates it.”

On the season closer: “Hopefully all of the fans are watching and we are going to try and end this season with a win.”