Post-game Reactions: Chivas USA

Coach Fraser, Bobby Burling and Juan Agudelo give their thoughts on the season finale draw

FC Dallas Goal

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General thoughts on the game…  “We played extremely well in the first half. We really gave Dallas a lot of problems and we were unfortunate we didn’t reward ourselves for all the good play in the first half, so to come out in the first half, and certainly Dallas played well, credit to them.

Dallas scored two goals and we go down. And you figure here we are at the end of the season we could fold our tents and I’m just proud of the fact that they just fought down to the last second of the season.

Certainly over the last couple of months, I’ve heard comments about the team quitting. I’ve said along that this team hasn’t quit. These guys are fighters, they’ve had really bad moments of misfortune, which has led to eroded confidence and we’ve seen that, but we have not seen quit. It was very satisfying for me to see them fight to the very end and get a result, a good-earned point on the road.

But I’m proud of the group. Proud of the fact that they fought through what has been certainly a disappointing season and what could have been a disappointing ending tonight, but they showed their character.”

On Agudelo’s play…He just stayed with it. He just kept putting himself in front of the goalie. You’ve seen where guys miss chances and they start to shy away and they get further and further away from the goal, but he kept putting himself right in front of the goal and looked for opportunities and credit to him he stayed with it and was able to put it away.”

On Laurent Courtois’s play… “Laurent came in and gave us a big lift right away. On his first touch, he was testing Kevin [Hartman]. He gave us a big lift over that 10 minute period and really if it weren’t for Kevin we probably would have been in a different position at that point.”


General feelings on the game…It’s just one of those things where we had the mentality that, ‘hey look there’s one game left, 90 minutes. This could be our last time together, the last time this group is on the field together. So just fighting for one another and putting it all out there 45 minutes at a time.’ Give the guys credit, we fought until the end and we squeaked out a result. It definitely feels a lot better than it could have been.”

On moving towards next season… “To finish the season the way we have, it’s [the result] always going to motivate you to get back and do better. The things that have gone wrong are done and gone and the only thing we can do is work harder to get better and if anything tonight will just leave a decent taste in our mouth instead of something just completely sour. All things said just hats off to the guys for sticking with it for a full 90 minutes.”

On the defense’s play… “It started from the back with Tim [Melia]. He made some key stops to keep us in the game and made some big saves early. He’s very decisive coming off his line to make some key stops. We had some good chances and [Kevin] Hartman did his thing as well. Unfortunately we took two plays off and they scored two good goals, but to hang around with a two goal deficit is just a credit to our guys. Laurent Courtois came in for the final ten minutes and got a goal and an assist, so it was nice to see a spark off the bench.”


On the game-tying goal… “It wasn’t that big, but it tied the game. It felt good that we didn’t give up, that’s the most important thing. As a team, I felt like we were in the dying minutes of the season and we didn’t give up.”

On his performance… “My teammates kept feeding me in the box and I’m thankful for that. As a player you can’t get down on yourself for missing the target and a couple times the keeper just making good saves. I was just keeping at it and luckily it went in.”

On stoppage time… “We were just throwing everything up front at the goalkeeper [Hartman], taking touches in the box and passing just trying to get a touch. We were just trying to get anything we could for the team.”