Just the beginning

17-year-old midfielder Marky Delgado made his professional debut against the ‘Caps

Marky Delgado family

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Olivia Cervantes

Heart racing. Crowd on mute. Adrenaline at its best.

That’s exactly what 17-year-old Marco “Marky” Delgado felt when he entered the field in Wednesday night’s match against Vancouver Whitecaps FC at BC Place, his first match in Major League Soccer. Although the match ended in a disappointing 4-0 loss, the homegrown player was very excited to have made his professional debut.
“It was a dream come true,” Delgado said. “I kind of saw it coming because my teammates were telling me ‘today is going to be your day,’ and I really didn’t know why. When Coach Fraser called me, I knew I had to go out there and do what I do, do what got me here.”
Delgado entered the field in the 75th minute of the match, replacing defender John Valencia. All eyes turned to Delgado moments before the match ended, when  he took his first shot, but the ball was deflected out by the Vancouver defense.
“I mishit the ball, but at the moment, I knew I either had to bring it down and pass it to someone or just take my first shot ever,” Delgado said. “I knew I had to get it over with and take a shot, get it out of my system and I did it, though it didn’t come out like I wanted it.”
Upon the team’s arrival at The Home Depot Center, CDChivasUSA.com followed Delgado to his first reunion with his family since the team departure on Tuesday. Once the Glendora native stepped out of the HDC offices, it was all smiles as his little sister Ruby ran to hug her big brother, followed by his mother Mireya Delgado and Marky Delgado’s younger brother.
“We’re very excited,” said Mireya Delgado. “We were yelling at the TV and calling all our family members. We’re mostly excited for him and we can’t wait for him to debut at home.”
With adrenaline still pumping after the game, Delgado’s ride back to the team hotel after the match allowed him to reminisce on his soccer career.
“After the game, I started thinking about all the things that I had to go through in order to get that start; sacrifices, practices, everything. And it was totally worth it,” Delgado concluded.