Courtois: midfielder and entrepreneur

The Frenchman not only taking it to the field but to a store near you

Laurent Courtois Vancouver

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We all know Laurent Courtois as the French midfielder in Chivas USA, but entrepreneur? Since 2007, Courtois has led a double life as an a businessman and co-founder of three companies:, C-Moon, Multifood. If you follow him on Twitter (@laurentcourtois), you might notice he tweets a lot about his companies. Here’s the breakdown of what they’re all about:

The first company, Neezz, is a classified ads based site that serves not only people in his native France, but also worldwide. The site is something similar to Craigslist, except that, according to Laurent, it mixes in Facebook community tools such as, commenting on posts and “friending” sellers. But online selling doesn’t stop there. Laurent also contributes to C-Moon, a sportswear fashion line based in France.

“One thing that we’re doing with the sportswear is that we’re trying to be ‘green’ even though we’re not completely ‘green,’ yet” Laurent said. “We make the clothing out of coconut and milk fiber, so it’s almost eco-friendly.”

Last, but definitely not least, Laurent is also co-founder of Multifood, three (for now) fast food restaurants. The restaurants specialize in hamburgers, salads, pizza and much more. Unfortunately for us, the restaurants are solely based in France.

After having successful soccer careers in Spain’s La Liga with Levante (2005-2008) and France’s Grenoble, and now with Chivas USA, one must wonder, how did Laurent get into the business? Laurent told us that the idea grew as he had a conversation with a couple of neighborhood buddies. And the idea of being a soccer player AND entrepreneur was interesting, something that we don’t see every day.

The last Chivas USA player that was open about a family business was defender Jonathan Bornstein, whose family owns a local sandwich franchise in Rancho Dominguez. But just like any other business, it did not come easy for Laurent and his partners, having many ups and downs throughout the years. But the light is finally shining upon them and the vision to expand internationally isn’t that far.

“We want to expand to the U.S. and worldwide. We’re just waiting for the right time,” finalized Laurent.

Stay tuned for the grand launch of Laurent’s website and athletic line here in the U.S!