Correa: "This is soccer and in the end goals make the difference"

Jose Correa, Nick LaBrocca and Ryan Smith give their thoughts on Sunday's 1-0 loss to DC

Jose Correa

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On his role as a late substitute: “Well, it was obviously to add numbers at top with the objective of finding a goal. Unfortunately, I couldn’t score and the goal didn’t come, but we have to keep working in order to improve in the remaining games of the season.”

On whether the final result of the game was deserved: “This is soccer and in the end goals make the difference. Both teams had good chances, but it was D.C. who capitalized in the end. I think we had a good game, dominated possession, and could have won but unfortunately we just couldn’t finish.”



On the positive aspects of Chivas’ game: “We kept a lot possession, especially for playing on the road. It’s one of the first times that we’ve done it. It was a good defensive effort and we limited their chances. We just have to use that possession in our advantage so that we can put one in the net. It was a positive adjustment for us. They came out firing and had us under a lot of pressure but we settled into the game and we were able to work our way in it and get that possession.”

On Chivas’ mentality for the last games of the season: “We definitely are taking the last games very seriously. We don’t want to end the season with the streak that we are on right now. We’re going to attack the next games and try to get a couple of wins so that we end the season on a positive note.”



On what Chivas lacked in order to get a positive result: “Conviction in the final third. I think we generally did alright. We had some clear chances in the second half and if we would have put them away, it would have been a different game. But overall I think we played well. Players have to take more pride in their game and try to get better results. It’s not just coaches, it’s players as well. We have got to go out and do our jobs better. It’s disappointing, but we have to keep on playing.”

On Chivas dominating possession: “It’s what we like to do anyways. Any team that dictates possession in a game generally creates more chances so today it’s good that we controlled the game and dominated possession, although we didn’t make anything of it. We should have won today, but we lacked clinical finishing in the final third. The coach gave us the game plan and in general we did well with it, but we lacked effectiveness.”