Chivas continues "business as usual"

Despite rumors in the media, Chivas USA's Front Office continues working as usual

Within the Red-and-White organization, there is an urgency to keep earning points, but at the same time, there is much optimism. The possibilities to earn a berth in this year's MLS Cup Playoffs, although tough, remain intact. Head Coach Robin Fraser has expressed such optimism in various interviews stating, "We need to start adding points. In the last three games, we've been dangerous, shooting at goal, the opposite of what we've had during the season. Unfortunately, we've made some defensive mistakes in decisive moments of the game, we haven't scored when we had the chance and when we've given the other team opportunities, they've known to take advantage of it."

On the other hand, despite rumors that certain media outlets have divulged in terms of changes in the organization's executives, the club has made sure to clear up any rumors. Every executive continues working with the club, performing their usual duties, and are confident the team can recover on the field. As previously communicated, Jorge Vergara has stated, "We're very excited about the future of Chivas USA."
Allow us to recall that Mr. Jorge Vergara and Angelica Fuentes are not new owners of the organization, and have been working with the Cué family since the start of Chivas USA back in 2005. By acquiring the remaining 50% of the club's shares, the Vergara family became the sole owner of the team.
The Vergara Fuentes Family is not new to the industry of sports and entertainment, especially in the soccer branch. The Vergara family has 10 years of experience managing Chivas de Guadalajara, and since Chivas USA was founded, has served as co-owner of the American Red-and-White. Mrs. Fuentes and Mr. Vergara have remained close and up-to-date on the management and decisions in terms of the club, know the American market and the regulations of Major League Soccer.
On their part, MLS fully supports the future of Chivas USA and talks of a potential stadium for Chivas USA in the Los Angeles area continue. Therefore, Chivas USA continue "business as usual."