Chatting with the ChivaGirls: Melissa

First year ChivaGirl talks about her love for Harry Potter and karaoke

Need a partner for karaoke night? Then meet first year ChivaGirl Melissa! Not only does she love dancing, but she’s also really good at singing karaoke.

Moving to L.A. from Northern California, Melissa is currently a full-time student at Santa Monica College studying the exciting field of Communications. Once she has obtained her Associate’s Degree, she plans on attending UCLA to earn her Bachelor’s Degree to then pursue a career in Event Planning.

Melissa started dancing when she was just a little girl. She watched her older sister attend dance classes and eventually joined her, taking part in competitive dance studios. “Meliss,” as most of her friends call her, continued dancing competitively throughout high school along side her sister who is currently a ClipperGirl.

When Melissa is not busy being a ChivaGirl, she is a part-time nanny and enjoys hanging out with her friends, watching movies (her favorite is the Harry Potter series) or Pretty Little Liars. She also enjoys snacking on peanut butter chocolate pretzels.

When asked what her favorite thing is about being a ChivaGirl, Melissa replied, “I never imagined meeting & "clicking" with 19 amazing girls when I joined this team, but I have become really good friends with each one of them. Also, the opportunity to perform on the field in front of thousands of fans, is a feeling I can’t begin to explain!”

Look for Melissa before the game in ChivaTown or during the ChivaGirl halftime performance at our next home game at The Home Depot Center!