Chatting with the ChivaGirls: Chandra

The first year ChivaGirl talks about her love for animals

Have you ever met a cheerleader that can skateboard? Then meet first year ChivaGirl Chandra! Not only can she skateboard, but she’s a lefty; using only her left foot to move forward. She says that she drives around with her longboard in the back of her car just in case there is an opportunity to go for a ride.

Chandra has taken her love for dance to a whole new level. She received her Bachelor’s of Arts (in Dance) from the University of California, Irvine.  But, before graduating, Chandra spent three years at Cal State University Fullerton, where she was a member of the Titan Dance Team.  They are a squad that is collegiately known as National Champions. Before joining Chivas USA, Chandra danced for one year as a Los Angeles Laker Girl. She now teaches dance techniques to girls between the ages of 6-18 and coaches a high school level dance squad.

When Chandra is not busy being a ChivaGirl or teaching dance, she enjoys going to the movies, rock climbing, and watching her favorite TV show True Blood.  Chandra has a love for animals, which is why she donates much of her free time to a local animal shelter.  Her favorite snack is beef jerky and she absolutely loves pasta; anything Italian or Asian cuisine.... she’ll take it!

When asked of her favorite thing about being a ChivaGirl, Chandra responded, “I love the interaction with our fans at the games. Experiencing their passion and how much they LOVE  Chivas USA, is just something Great to be a part of!”

Look for Chandra before the game in ChivaTown or during the ChivaGirl halftime performance at our next home game at The Home Depot Center!