Chatting with the ChivaGirls: Brandi

First year ChivaGirl talks about her love for Disney and cooking

There are very few professional dance teams that have the privilege of having twins on their team.  However, the ChivaGirls are one of those teams.  This week, we catch up with one of the twins, Brandy!

Growing up in the state of Ohio, Brandy started dancing at a very young age.  She took lessons at a competitive dance studio throughout her youth and all the way through her high school years. After graduating high school, Brandy was accepted with a full scholarship to the Ohio State University. She graduated with honors, majoring in Strategic Communications with a minor in Dance. While she was in college, she was part of her collegiate dance team for one year and then joined the Arena Football League for two seasons. She continued dancing professionally for five other dance teams before joining the ChivaGirls.

Brandy has another love besides dancing and that is her love for Disney! She admits that her favorite place to visit is Disney World. She loves it so much, that her family would make the trip every year to the adventure park in Florida.

Brandy’s fondest childhood memory was when she and her sister were featured on a television special starring the musical group N*Sync. They were selected because they knew the groups entire choreography!

When Brandy is not busy with her duties as a ChivaGirl, she enjoys cooking.  Her specialty dish is fresh tilapia with a pineapple and jalapeno salsa.  In her spare time, Brandy also enjoys watching her favorite television shows, Newsroom and Friends.  She watches these shows so frequently that she knows many of the actors lines by heart.

When asked what super-power she would like to have, she laughed saying, “I’d love to have the ability to fly, so I could avoid L.A traffic!”

Look for Brandy before each game in ChivaTown or during the ChivaGirl halftime performance at our next home game at The Home Depot Center!