Chatting with the ChivaGirls: Sujan

The first year ChivaGirl talks about her native Alaska and her fear of water

Born and raised in the 50th state (Alaska), first year ChivaGirl Sujan moved to Los Angeles when she was 14 years old. Eight years later, Sujan considers herself a California girl, admitting that she can’t leave the state because she would be away from the one thing she loves: In-N-Out burgers.

The 22-year old is a recent graduate of the University of Southern California, where she earned a double B.A. in psychology and neuroscience and is currently planning on pursuing a Master’s in Psychology and becoming a Family and Marriage Counselor. While she was studying at the prestigious university, Sujan was part of the USC Dance Force that competed nationally and finalized in fifth place. Before that, Sujan was part of her high school’s dance group and has also been part of a hip-hop dance crew like Team Millennia squad featured on Americas Best Dance Crew.

When Sujan is not busy being a ChivaGirl, she likes to hang out with her friends, walk her dog (Draper) and watch How I Met Your Mother while snacking on chocolate covered pretzels. Someday, Sujan would like to travel to Asia, specifically Korea, where her family is from. Sujan admits she has a fear of jumping into water (ex: jumping into the pool) although she knows how to swim.

In the short time Sujan has been with the ChivaGirls, what she enjoys most is the gameday experience and the fans. She says, “Experiencing game day, meeting all of the fans and the little ones that look up to you is such a great feeling. Knowing you've made an impact and a lasting impression on the fans is a very rewarding feeling.”

Look for Sujan before the game in ChivaTown or during the ChivaGirl halftime performance at our next home game at The Home Depot Center!