Chatting with the ChivaGirls: Cameron

Second-year ChivaGirl talks about her love for mac n’ cheese and nicknames

If you know how to make good mac n’ cheese, second-year ChivaGirl Cameron is looking for you. Not only does Cameron LOVE mac ‘n cheese, but she also can’t live without her Kindle or her dog Jacques.

As a native of the Inland Empire, Cameron, or ‘Cam Cam,’ started her cheering career when she was a sophomore in high school after being inspired by a pep rally. She joined the junior varsity cheerleading squad and dance team, but later moved on to join the varsity squad in junior and senior year. Cameron went off to college where she would continue cheering and dancing while earning her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from Cal State San Bernardino. Cameron has also coached cheer summer camps for 11 years and has been CSUSB’s Cheer Coach for the past seven years, squad that currently holds the National Cheer Championship.

When Cameron is not busy coaching or being a ChivaGirl, she enjoys cleaning, reading, shopping, or working out. Her favorite TV shows are Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, and So you think you can Dance. Cameron also likes to travel after having been in Spain, France and Japan, but would one day like to go to Rome, Italy.

One thing that stands Cameron out from the rest of the girls is her nickname ‘Three-point Cameron.’ How did she earn it?  “We were at cheer practice and I was basket-tossed into the backboard of a basketball hoop. It wasn’t on purpose, it was an accident, but since then, I’ve been called ‘Three-point Cameron,” said the ChivaGirl.

Meet Cameron and the rest of the ChivaGirls before every game at ChivaTown in the North side of the stadium or catch their performance during halftime in Chivas USA’s next home game!