Shadowing Nadia Gonzalez

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Chivas USA's Front Office Staff gameday duties

When it comes to reaching out and helping the local community, Chivas USA’s Community Relations Senior Manager Nadia Gonzalez knows exactly what she’s doing. Originally from Carson, Calif., but with parents from Tepatitlan, Jalisco, and growing up as a Chivas de Guadalajara fan, Nadia feels right at home with Chivas USA.

“The Chivas brand and working with the community are two things that I’m very passionate about,” said Nadia. “Chivas USA does amazing things within the community that have a big impact in people’s lives and that’s something that I love about my job.”


On gameday, Nadia is in charge of welcoming children participating in Fundación Chivas de Corazón’s popular program ChivaKids, initiative that reaches out to non-profit and community organizations and gives participants a full gameday experience that without this program, could not afford to come out to a Chivas USA game. But preparing for gameday doesn’t begin the week before the match. Nadia reaches out to organizations three weeks in advance, but only one organization is chosen per game. 

“Most organizations register with us and don’t really expect to be called up,” said Nadia. “So when they get our phone call, they’re very excited to be able to come out and to see the kids’ faces on gameday is very rewarding.”

Do you have a non-profit organization you’d like to participate in ChivaKids? Contact Nadia Gonzalez at (310) 630-4550 or e-mail her at for more info!