Riley adapting to life in SoCal

The Colorado Springs, CO native is settling in sunny California

A soccer player’s life might look fun. They come to training, do their thing on the field, go home, and have the opportunity to travel across the country, and in some occasions, across the world. As part of the business, there are acquisitions, trades and loans that allow players to live in different parts of the world, but frequent moves could become a burden to some.

After spending three seasons with the Seattle Sounders, life has landed James Riley in Los Angeles.

Now with Chivas USA, Riley has continued his streak by starting in all six games for the Red-and-White, making a positive impact in the Red-and-White’s back line.

“For any soccer player, it’s important to be happy on and off the field, said Riley. “I try to do whatever I can do make myself happy off the field; finding a yoga studio, a grocery store, establishing yourself in that way and so far, things are going well.”

And after four months of living in L.A., Riley is finally settling in.

“Now that I’ve settled in my apartment it feels like home and it’s right on the beach so it’s cool to wake up to the beach every morning, and that’s a bit different from Seattle so that’s a bonus. I still haven’t identified my key restaurants or places to go yet but I’m looking for that,” finalized Riley.