Age is nothing but a number

The Chivas USA U9 squad demonstrates stellar talent at a young age

When most people think of watching an Under 9 team play, the majority would picture a group of kids chasing the ball, trying to get the ball into the opponent team’s goal.

That is not what happens at Chivas USA U9 games.

Led by head coach Marc Gomez, the young Red-and-White team participates in the Southern California Developmental Soccer League that begins in November and will conclude in May.

So far into the 2011-12 season, the team has compiled a record of 51 wins, two losses, and four ties, winning eight of the nine tournaments they’re participated in. It is, without a doubt, that this record has positioned the young team among the top teams in Southern California.

Many might say that winning for such a young group could be easy. But when the team is winning 9-2, it’s says a lot about the talent in the team. Among the talented players on the squad is Chivas USA First Team forward Juan Pablo Angel’s son, Tommy Angel. In his participation with the team so far, Tommy has been named MVP at the Beach Winter Cup. 

Just in January, the U9’s participated in two tournaments, the Las Vegas Cup and the Beach Winter Cup, and conquered both championships. The team made it to the finals of the Cal South State Cup, but fell 3-2.

Aside from the team’s participation in the SCDSL, they are currently preparing for upcoming summer tournaments that include the Cerritos Memorial Tournament (May 26-28), Pats Cup (July 21-22), Surf Cup (August 4-6) and the United FC Tournament (August 18-19).

You can check out the Chivas USA U9 team in any of their upcoming games:

Date Time Opponent Location
Sat. April 15 3 p.m. @ TVSA Hawks BU10 Red Whittier Soccer Complex Field SS
Sat. April 28 10:30 a.m. @ Strikers FC - Irvine Whittier Soccer Complex Field SS
Sun. May 6 3 p.m. vs. CZ Elite U10 Whittier Soccer Complex Field SS
Sun. May 20 12 p.m. @ Arsenal FC Whittier Soccer Complex Field SS