Chivas USA Supporter Group: Union Ultras

Learn more about the Chivas USA supporter group, the Union Ultras!

Union Ultras vs Houston Dynamo

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Robert Husky

It all started in 2007, when a group of eight diehard Chivas USA fans decided to start a Red-and-White dedicated supporter group. They were a small group that in their own section, along with a drum and their voice boxes, cheered on the team. While surrounding fans stared at them confused of their actions, their only focus was Chivas USA. What did they decide to name the group? The Union Ultras. The rest is history.

“We are all about supporting Chivas USA no matter what, in the good and in the bad, but most of all, when the team is doing bad,” said Union Ultras representative Julio Ramos. “We always say that we’re going to be supportive of Chivas USA 90 minutes plus, and that’s exactly what we do.”

Considering that the Ultras started with eight members at their first appearance in a Chivas USA match back in 2007, the number of Union Ultras members has significantly grown. In the first Chivas USA match of the 2012 season, over 200 fans were in Section 101 as a part of the Union Ultras screaming their lungs out, supporting the Red-and-White.

Their love for the team doesn’t stop at The Home Depot Center, let alone Southern California. The Union Ultras have traveled along to Chivas USA games against surrounding MLS teams like the San Jose Earthquakes, Portland Timbers, Colorado, Real Salt Lake, and Seattle Sounders.

Aside from supporting Chivas USA on and off the field, the Ultras support each other, as well as the community. Just last Christmas, ‘Ultras for Hope,’ the supporter group’s charity organization, raised 250 toys that were given away to needy children. The Ultras have also donated more than 150 Chivas USA tickets to the Salvadoran community in an effort to help them raise money for a recent natural disaster. This year, the ‘Ultras for Hope’ are working to raise money for college for fellow Ultras member Daniel Amaya.

“Our goal is to raise at least $5,000 so that by the end of the season, we can get an identical check from Chivas USA and help him with college tuition,” said Ramos.

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