Chivas USA gives it all its got

Red-and-White players participate in Spanish-language Univision show ‘Dale con Ganas’

This Sunday, television audiences as well as Chivas USA fans can enjoy the participation of Red-and-White players Juan Pablo Angel, Jorge Villafaña and Dan Kennedy in the Spanish-language show ‘Dale con Ganas’ or ‘Give it all You’ve Got!’ starting at 7 p.m. PT on the Univision network.

The show ‘Dale con Ganas’, hosted by Poncho de Anda, is about four families, consisting of four members each, that are struggling with obesity and are competing to be the family that loses the most weight and will therefore, win the grand prize of enjoying a healthy lifestyle, and of course, of $100,000.

Mexican-American midfielder Jorge Villafaña, as well as Colombian forward Juan Pablo Angel and goalkeeper Dan Kennedy helped the contestants in yet another challenge set up for the contestants in an effort to help them lose more weight.

“Participating in the show ‘Dale con Ganas’, I was very excited because we were helping out the families in the show,” said Villafaña. “And at the same time, we’re helping them reach a dream of theirs, which is to lose weight.”

The challenge in which the Red-and-White players participated in along with the contesting families consisted of a mini soccer tournament. The winning family of the tournament would take four season tickets to Chivas USA’s home games.

“For a lot people, working out can be looked at as something that's hard to do,” said Kennedy. “Hopefully, we can put a positive spin on it and show that getting out and being active is fun.”

The four contesting families come from three different nationalities – the Goldschmidt are from Perú, the Vigil and the Valdez’ are Mexican, and the Yepes are representing Colombia, something that impacted forward Juan Pablo Angel.

“I felt very happy to have compatriots on the show,” said Angel. “But the most important part of our participation was the opportunity that we had to make a change in the lives of these families, that are certainly sacrificing themselves to win but it’s important that they recognized that they had the opportunity to change their lives for the better, and that was a wonderful experience for me.”

The players weren't the only one that felt appreciated, show host Poncho de Anda was very happy to have had the opportunity to have the Red-and-White players on set.

"It was very fun to have the opportunity to meet and play alongside professional soccer players. I'm certain that for the families on 'Dale con Ganas,' their participation was inspriring as it was exciting for me," said de Anda, who at the same time, praised Angel's participation.

"Working with Juan Pablo Angel was a great experience," said the host. "We're talking about a great player that represented Colombia by playing in some of the best teams in different parts of the world, including Chivas USA in MLS."

Interested in knowing what family took the four Chivas USA season tickets? Find out this Sunday on ‘Dale con Ganas’ starting at 7 p.m. PT on the Univision network.