Ryan Smith Q&A

English winger talks family, style of play, and fitting in

The Red-and-White’s week in Oxnard continues as the team gears up for Friday’s friendly against Ventura County Fusion.  We slowed down one of the newest Goats, speedy winger Ryan Smith, after training just long enough for a little Q&A. 

cdchivasusa.com: You’ve been with Chivas USA for about 10 days now, how’s it been so far?
Ryan Smith: You know what, I really feel at home here.  I’m enjoying every minute of it so far.  The whole philosophy on how the manager wants to play is definitely going to suit me down to the ground so I really like it.

cdchivasusa.com: So you’ve been able to get a sense of what coach Fraser wants out of the team?
Ryan Smith: I knew about his style already, and it’s my style as well… He’s already stressed the importance of how he wants to play and keep the ball, and when we don’t have the ball, close the opposing team down.

The way the manager wants to play is a top European style.  We’re about to watch this Barcelona game on TV, that’s how he wants to play.  That’s inspiring.  Anybody would want to play like that.  I don’t know many players that would want to play anti-football, anti-soccer.  I’m really looking forward to it.

cdchivasusa.com: You finally got the chance to tell your story of last year, regarding your mom.  How important is it going to be having your family with you in L.A.?
Ryan Smith: It’s difficult to be away from your family.  You’ve got to remember my daughter goes to school in London as well, and that’s another thing that really affects me.  Even though my mum and some of my family will be here, my daughter will still be in school and she can only come out on holidays.  It’s always going to be tough, but having said that, it makes it a lot easier when someone like your mum is by your side.  She’s the most important person in my life, she’s more important than the game itself.

cdchivasusa.com: How has Oxnard been so far?
Ryan Smith: It’s been a lot of running [laughs].  Now it’s starting to calm down a little bit.  I’m really enjoying it here, it’s beautiful.  Compared to London, this is heaven, this weather.  It’s fantastic.  I look out my room window and you’ve got the ocean right there, it’s incredible.

cdchivasusa.com: Has the trip up here been a good chance to get to know your teammates?
Ryan Smith: Yeah, definitely, [and] the coaching staff as well.  They’ve gotten to know me as a person and how I need to prepare in preseason and stuff like that.  All together it’s been great.  Yesterday I had dinner with a few of the boys and it already feels like I’ve been here for a while.  It’s really nice and I feel really welcome.