A Change of Scenery

Fraser, Riley and Townsend talk about spending the week in Oxnard

After a week of training at The Home Depot Center, it’s a time for a change of scenery.  The Red-and-White head north on Sunday, setting up camp in Oxnard, California for the next phase of preseason. 

“It’s a little bit more of an opportunity to focus on our objectives without the distractions of everything around here,” said head coach Robin Fraser.  “We really get to spend some together and start to move in the direction that we want to move as a team.”

The weeklong stay in Oxnard is reminiscent of last year’s trip to Paso Robles, which allowed the team’s many new faces to begin forming a cohesive unit.  New defender James Riley hopes there will be similar results this year.

“It’s a good chance for the team to be together and develop a culture together,” said Riley.  “[It should] help develop some camaraderie, just to be around each other in that environment.”

According to coach Fraser, the selection of Oxnard came down mostly to facilities. 

“The facilities there are excellent,” he said. “The hotel is great, the field is usually in very good condition.  Everything we need is accessible- you can move between the hotel and field very quickly, so for our purposes it’s a great place to start.”

The six-day camp in Oxnard will be capped off with the team’s first exhibition of the season- against local PDL side Ventura County Fusion- which some of the players are already looking forward to. 

“It’s always nice to play someone other than yourself and see what type of work you’ve put in and where you stack up,” said rookie forward Casey Townsend.  “We’re all looking forward to maybe getting [a break] from some of the fitness stuff and getting into a game.”