Domene Thanks Fans

Red-and-White General Manager talks about the team’s plans and recognizes fans

Jose Domene Thanks Fans

Photo Credit: 
Juan Paz

At the conclusion of the 2011 season, Chivas USA General Manager Jose Domene took a moment to sit down with and look back on his first year at the job, and more importantly look ahead at the team’s goals moving forward. 

“Since I took over as General Manager [last December], we have aggressively tried to improve our roster with the purpose of taking it to championship form and bringing a cup to the Red and White,” said Domene.  “We sought and signed proven players and we will continue to do so as we advance in the off-season, as well as continue to incorporate and develop our Chivas USA Youth Academy.”

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For Domene, the Youth Academy is an extremely important aspect of the future of Chivas USA, and one of the reasons he believes the club is built for long-term success. 

“By executing these changes [to the Academy structure] now, we will secure more and better players,” said Domene. “We are focused on building a deeper, stronger inventory of young talent. With each new chapter we write there is change and restructure, always with the intention of obtaining results.”

Throughout that change and restructure, one of the constants has been loyal support from Chivas USA fans, something which is extremely important to Domene, and for which he is grateful.

“We know we had our share of hurdles during this the 2011 season, yet [the fans] stood with us through thick and thin, and in the belief that the best is yet to come,” said Domene.  “The fans are extremely vital and important to the success of the Goats.  I would like to thank them being that 12th man on the largest bench of any team: the stadium stands.  We ask for their continued trust as we build the team that will take us to the top.”

With hard work this off-season, and the continued support of the fans, Domene is confident that success isn’t far off.

“We are already working on making sure that 2012 is full of satisfaction,” he said. “Success will arrive as we cultivate and execute our plans. Along with careful planning, the implementation of a culture of excellence on and off the field will help us overcome the challenges of last season, and will allow us to thrive.  I can’t wait to celebrate all the success we will have together with the fans.”