Team USA

We Grew Stronger After 9/11

CARSON, Calif. (Wednesday, September 7, 2011) - A team is characterized as a group of people organized to work together.  Every great team understands the meaning of a loss as much as they embrace a victory.  The feeling of a loss is not foreign to their fingertips, yet they are grateful to not be exposed to it often.  Chivas USA goal keeper Dan Kennedy defines a team as, “A group of individuals that come together to achieve a common goal.”  There are an infinite amount of qualities that a successful team must possess, Chivas USA forward Justin Braun feels three of those should be continuity, belief, and commitment. Ten years ago our nation was unexpectedly struck and our strength as a team was tested.

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Growing up playing soccer, we would take a knee to acknowledge a teammates injury.  For those short moments that we knelt down, we would look on and hope that it was nothing more than something a little Neosporin could heal.  Unfortunately, there were times in which the injury was greater than a minor scratch.  A decade ago, our country took a hit that led the nation to take a knee.  For the shocking moments in which we stayed knelt down, we looked on to our team and searched for ways to recover.  9/11 serves as a reminder to us that we are a team, a united team.  We saw a team of firefighters, police officers, and civilians knowingly put their lives at risk for others.

Our patriotism and fearlessness does not stand in skyscrapers made of steel and titanium. What makes our nation rich is not determined by stacks of gold locked away behind vaulted doors. Our liberty and justice does not lie in ruin on New York streets.   Although we lost more than we could ever replace, we didn’t lose our spirit.  The act of terrorism has a goal, and that goal is fear.  Rather than intimidate us and cause us to crouch in separate corners, we stood together on the home front as one solid united team… Team USA.