“I’ll Never Forget Where I Was”

Players share their memories of September 11th

CARSON, Calif. (Friday, September 9, 2011) - Everyone remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing on that day ten years ago.  It’s something we’ll probably never forget.  Chivas USA players and coaches sat down with cdchivasusa.com to share their stories of September 11th, 2001. 

Robin Fraser (Head Coach)
On Sep 11 2001: 34-years-old in Denver, Colorado

“I was day trading on the side [while playing with the Colorado Rapids].  I had gotten up early to talk to my contact in L.A. and was on the phone with him.  He was corresponding with a woman at Cantor Fitzgerald [a financial firm headquartered in the World Trade Center] every day.  I heard about a plane crashing in New York, into the towers, and then my contact couldn’t get a hold of the woman at Cantor Fitzgerald.  As the whole thing unfolded, I was in absolute disbelief.  It was a very, very shocking way to start the day.”

“We had just found out that my wife was pregnant.  Certainly we had thoughts for a second, ‘what’s going on with this world that we’re trying to bring a child into?’  It was obviously a deeply saddening day for us, as I’m sure it was for everyone.”

“We had training off.  I remember it was very strange because it was a beautiful day in Denver, not a cloud in the sky, and there wasn’t an airplane to be heard anywhere.  It was just an eerie, eerie feeling.  It was one of those days where you’re kind of in shock all day. And that was the end of our season.  They abandoned the last two games, and we weren’t going to get into the playoffs, so that was the end.”

Andrew Boyens (Defender)
On Sep 11 2001: 17-years-old in Dunedin, New Zealand. 

“There aren’t too many moments in your life that you really, specifically remember, but that was definitely one of them.  I was going to high school in New Zealand, and I remember my dad woke me up early in the morning and said ‘Andy you got to get out of bed, you have to come see this, and I went downstairs and saw the second plane crash. It was a pretty chilling moment; I still kind of get goose bumps when I think about it.”

“In New Zealand we’re probably a little naive to that.  We’re separated from so much of the bad things in the world, which makes it a great place to live but we do have naiveties.”

Jorge Flores (Midfielder)
On Sep 11 2001: 11-years-old in Pénjamo, Mexico

“Actually, I was in Mexico.  I was going to school, and when I got home my aunt was watching TV, and she told me something happened.  It was all over the news, I just remember the planes.”

“It was big news, but I think if I was [in the United States] it would have been bigger.  I didn’t know what the towers were or anything.  But still, you could feel that it was a big day, a sad day.  You were sad for all the people that died that day.”

Ben Zemanski (Midfielder)
On Sep 11 2001: 13-years-old in Akron, Ohio

“With everything that important in life, you remember exactly where you were.  I was in my Jr. High homeroom class and the news came.  We watched a little bit on the TV and then we were sent home.  I remember specifically sitting in the school chair and watching those terrible events.”

“I was young, but the events still sat.  You knew it was a bad event, you knew it was terrible and affected a lot of lives.  I remember just how tragic it was.  But I also remember everyone in our nation coming together, and I think that’s what sat [in my memories], all the patriotism and all that stuff.”

Zach Thornton (Goalkeeper)
On Sep 11 2001: 27-years-old in Chicago, Illinois

“I woke up that morning and saw it on the news, obviously.  Evan Whitfield [a teammate with the Fire] picked me up for practice; I was with Chicago at the time.  At first I didn’t think it was real.  It seemed like maybe a prank, or maybe something not as serious at is was, I wasn’t sure.  But as we were driving to practice we were listening to the news, and one of the towers went down.  It became pretty real at that point.”

“We went to practice.  [Then Fire head coach] Bob Bradley spoke about it for a moment, and we went out and trained.  I’m from the East Coast, so I had friends that could have potentially been in and around the area. I knew people that worked in downtown [Manhattan].  So I was concerned for them.”

“I finally got in touch with friends and family, and found out everyone was okay.  But it was a surreal experience.  Being from that area, the towers were such a bench mark, just for you bearings, if you’re ever lost you [could see] the towers and know where you are.  I’ll never forget where I was, never forget it.”