In his own words

Jimmy Conrad’s statement

After many extensive discussions with my family, friends, coaches, and doctors about the merits of continuing to try to play and potentially doing further damage to my brain and overall health, I have been informed that it is in my best interest to retire from the only thing I have ever done consistently in my 34 years of existence.

With the steady guidance, graciousness, support, and concern from the entire Chivas USA family, led by Antonio and Lorenzo Cue, Jose Domene, Robin Fraser, Greg Vanney, and Jim Liston, it became very clear to me what the best decision was moving forward despite my super-inflated ego wanting to push through any symptoms.

With regard to my career, I took a little bit of self-belief and turned it into something tangible and, for that, I’m very proud of what I accomplished both on and off-the-field. It doesn’t seem fair because of the sheer volume of wonderful moments I’ve been a part of but the memories that I have created with the help of many, who are too numerous to mention, will last me a lifetime and I will be forever in debt to all the characters who made the story of my career worth reading. I will reflect on those chapters of my life with great fondness.

I would like to take a moment to thank and acknowledge a few contributors who never wavered in their belief of what I was capable of and, as a result, made me a better version of myself than I probably deserve to be. It starts with my beautiful wife, Lyndsey, and our two precocious daughters, Julia and Jane, who always keep me pointed in the right direction despite the volatile mood swings that accompanied every win and loss, to my parents who could’ve cared less if I played soccer or not as long as I was having fun in whatever it was that I was doing, to my six siblings for all of their support even though I’m the best looking of the bunch, to my extended family for always having my back and being proud of me despite any setbacks and failures, and to all of my friends, specifically Ryan and Ron, for challenging me, for brutal honesty, for much needed pick-me-ups, and for coming on this adventure with me. It’s been fun.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other important parties that I’m associated with that enhanced this process and made it special so a BIG, HUGE, GIANT “thank you” to my friends, teammates, and counterparts at Chivas USA, the Kansas City Wizards, the San Jose Earthquakes, the San Diego Flash, U.S. Soccer, MLS, MLS WORKS,the MLS Players Union, San Diego State, UCLA, Autism Speaks, CATZ, the CPC, any other acronyms I forgot, and adidas for 13 great years in this role as a player and, hopefully, many more years to come in something different.

Okay two more groups I need to recognize and then I’m done. I promise.

First, a warm hug in thought goes out to the people I pay to like me, my agents.

And lastly, thanks to the all of the fans who supported the teams I played on and cheered for the scrawny kid from Temple City, CA, who made up in heart what he lacked in skill. I will always cherish the moments of running in front of you in small shorts and long socks with other grown men while trying to kick a ball in a certain direction.

Thank you.