Golfing for Good

Chivas USA hosts 5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Robin Fraser Golf Tournament

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Juan Miranda / Chivas USA

CARSON, Calif. (Tuesday, August 30, 2011) - It was a beautiful day at Industry Hills Golf Club on Monday as Chivas USA held their Annual Charity Golf Tournament.  For the fifth straight year the team’s foundation Fundación Chivas de Corazón USA hosted a fun day of golf for players, coaching staff, team executives, celebrities and special guests all for a great cause. 

The event saw an incredible turnout, with the entire team and coaching staff in attendance.  Everyone was divided into foursomes with important team sponsors and over 150 golfers who came out to support not only the foundation, but also a very special cause.  

After partnering with the PADRES Contra El Cancer in June, Chivas USA designated part of the proceeds from the golf tournament to benefit the non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Latino children with cancer and their families. 

“It’s always good when as a group, as a team, we can do some good for others,” said head coach Robin Fraser.  “Certainly this is a noteworthy cause… I think pediatric cancer is something that is devastating to all of us, for sure.  We all either have children or were children at some point, so we know the effect of [cancer on children and their families].  Anything we can do to help the kids we certainly want to.”

The afternoon at the golf course was a perfect way for the Chivas USA players and coaches to relax a bit and spend a day together as a team.  Many of the players admitted they don’t golf often (and we saw plenty of proof!), but there was also some good play on display as well. 

“Most of my balls are in the trees, not the fairway,” said the perhaps overly modest coach Greg Vanney before teeing up on a short par 4. “We’re actually short one guy, and I think the guy we were supposed to have in our group was Phil Mickelson, but he didn’t show up.” 

But only moments later Vanney was jokingly yelling “who needs Mickelson?!” after bombing his tee shot down the middle and to the edge of the green. 

Jay Reynolds, Manager of Development and Special Events for PADRES Contra El Cancer, explained just how important the day of fun on the golf course was for PADRES.

“We’re trying to expand peoples’ knowledge on our partnership,” said Reynolds. “Also, on a fundraising level it’s important that we raise enough dollars to fund our programs and activities, such as hospital visits [with Chivas players] and games where our children will go to [The Home Depot Center] and enjoy experiences that get them out of the hospital.  Chivas USA, along with their players and foundation, have been very helpful in doing that for us.”

Towards the end of the afternoon, we caught up with one of those helpful players, midfielder Nick LaBrocca, who summed up the day perfectly. 

“It’s a gorgeous day out,” said LaBrocca.  “It’s been great to just to relax and interact with people and obviously it’s for a good cause.  It doesn’t get too much better than this.”