QUOTES: Fraser, Mondaini & Nagamura talk the win vs. Portland

Chivas USA Head Coach Robin Fraser

On the game:

A 1-0 victory seems like not that big of a deal, but the way we went about it, I was really proud. We put ourselves into dangerous positions often that we could’ve scored maybe a goal or two more, but I just felt like our mindset was right, and that’s the way it has to be.

On Marcos Mondaini’s performance:

Marcos was very good from his first touch in the game; he took on a few guys and got around the corner and getting into dangerous crossing positions. In spite of the incident that happened with himself and Javier, Marcos is a wonderful person and he feels a responsibility because he feels like he’s let the team down. The fact that he came back with this attitude that he really wanted to help the team and I thought he was really good in that respect.

On having players back from injury:

I think it’s important, to be competitive in this league, you have to have all your assets at your disposal and we haven’t had that until now. It’s good to see that we’re getting healthy and to have more and more choices and competition that’s going to lead us to be better and stronger.

The win is important but the thing I’m most excited about is our aggressive mindset from the beginning. We have not always seen that at home and I felt like tonight, the way we came out and played, was exactly the way we need to play, in terms of our willingness to get forward.

Chivas USA forward Marcos Mondaini

On his performance:

I felt very well. The last minutes I felt a little tired. The four games that I was out affected me at some point, but I am very grateful that I am back, that I scored, and that we won. During the four weeks that I was without playing, I never had that experience before, but it was one of those things that life confronts you with, and I am just glad that I’m back.

About the goal:

About the goal, I felt lot of happiness. As to any other forward, is good to score, but the most important thing is that the team was able to win and we’re still in the fight.

Chivas USA midfielder Paulo Nagamura

About the win:

Our team played very good from the beginning. Put their team in their back foot, this was definitely a well-deserved three points. We proved ourselves that we are a better team. Tonight, we just made another statement. We just proved that we can be a very good team and are very happy with the way the game ended.

About midfielder Marcos Mondaini:

(Marcos Mondaini) is a great player, he can hold the ball for us upfront, he’s very creative, and just a very smart guy. He’s a good player to play along with. I thing with the way things are going with this team, with our mentality, we are just going to get better and better.