Quotes: Chivas USA-Vancouver post-game quotes

Vancouver Head Coach Tom Soehn:

Thoughts on the match:

“We had a lot of ups and downs. I thought we really had a really poor start to the match, and they really came at us. We knew they would show a lot of energy. But then I thought we found our way into the game and we started to possess the ball a little bit and created a couple really good opportunities. But creating them isn’t enough; we have to start burying some of them and putting [the opponents] on their heels.

On the second half:

“Obviously the start to second half was disappointing for them to get one, but I thought we responded well. And then once you’re down [a man], we were in survival mode. I thought some guys came up with some big plays, a real courageous effort from our backline, Joe came up with a couple saves. From that standpoint, it was a really courageous effort for the guys to hang on for the point.”

On Hassli’s red card:
“I want to see [the play] a little bit more. Obviously he got a red card, so he put himself in a predicament by doing the tackle. It’s disappointing because I thought we were in a pretty good position at that point. We talked about making sure we finished with eleven guys on the field, anytime you’re short handed you make it difficult for everybody, and it affects the team.”

Vancouver Defender Jay DeMerit:

On preserving the draw:

“Well, you got to always look at those things as a positive, especially with the situation we’ve had this week. It was good for us to come in and show a bit of fight and a bit of courage to stay in the game and to see it off. They still had I think 25 or 30 minutes to try to get that second goal and we hunkered in, we worked hard, we got behind the ball, and thankfully we saw it out. That’s always a positive to show the character we have, but we’ve shown that all season and that needs to stay.”

On the differences with new coach Soehn :

“It’s still way early to really have a definitive answer for that. You have to use these type of regime changes as a lift I suppose. You can’t look at the past, because it’s called the past for a reason. What’s in front of us is important, so now we have to rally around our new manager. No disrespect to Teitur, he’s a fantastic individual and a good coach, but ultimately Tommy’s the new manager now, so you have to rally around him, believe in his philosophies and take that on board. Today we showed some really good stuff. It was a bit of ups and downs, but now we’re going to probably play a little bit different, and that will come. Again, a point on the road, down to ten men, is a positive result.”

On trying to get a win:

“Everyone wants to win, especially when you perform well enough to win. But, I think we’re unbeaten in five now, and we have to continue to roll, because eventually those chances will turn into goals, and then all of the sudden you’re winning 3-1 instead of drawing 1-1. We have to believe; we have to believe that those type things will start to turn when guys continue to step up and the new formula will hopefully start to work.”

Vancouver Goalkeeper Joe Cannon:

On his return:

“From a personal standpoint, it took a little while to get back into the run of play and the speed of play, to a standard I like. But I thought towards the end especially, I started playing and it just kind of came back to me. I think not having anything to do in the first half because the guys in front of me played so well was good, but also not touching the ball either didn’t really help to adapt to the game. It took a while, a little disappointed that they scored, but at the same time, content that we got the road point and looking ahead.”

On the team’s play:

“I thought our counter attack was pretty good tonight. I thought Chiumiento had same great looks at goal, and Eric [Hassli] had one or two, and then obviously Camilo with the golazo right after they scored helped even out the game. I thought it was going to open up a little bit more, because that’s how the second half seemed like it was starting out with both team’s getting early goals. But we solidified things, made sure we weren’t out of sorts. Our coach stressed that- he said organization and compactness are the number one things we need to work on. I think with Jay and Mouloud and myself we’re pretty vocal, and it just ended up working out.”

Chivas USA Head Coach Robin Fraser:

On the match as a whole:

This is disappointing for us. We were too passive, mostly in the first half. I give Vancouver credit- they were very organized defensively and weren’t easy to penetrate. On the whole, we weren’t progressive enough in terms of looking to get behind them. We played the whole 45 minutes in front of them so that set up for a difficult second half and we came out with a better mind set, scoring an early goal- Nick with a very good aggressive run and his decision to shoot was excellent. Obviously, I’m not happy we gave up another lead and to play 23 minutes a man up and to not be able to take advantage of that was disappointing.

Looking forward to Saturday’s game vs. Portland:

The goal is to improve every week and home game-to-home game and every game. This was an opportunity to come out and improve. The goal for us is to eliminate the mistakes but continue to play well and we missed an opportunity tonight.

Chivas USA midfielder Ben Zemanski:

On tonight’s game:

It’s been two games in a row where we’ve allowed a lead slip away and being up a man in the last 25 minutes it was disappointing but we have three days to turn it around and get a win.

Chivas USA forward Justin Braun:

On tonight’s game:

Every time you play at The Home Depot, you try to get three points especially when you’re up a man for 20 minutes, we should have gotten a goal and we were pushing for it, but it didn’t come. It’s definitely disappointing but we have to put it behind us; we have another game coming up on Saturday night and we’re going to come out and do what we’re supposed to do and get the three points.