Crystal bones, Chivas USA heart

An example of strength, even in his physical fragility

Jorge Vergara Antonio Cue Daniel Amaya

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Chivas USA

Daniel Amaya is just 18 years old but he’s already suffered from broken bones more than 300 times.  The young fan has an illness called osteogenesis imperfect, also known as ‘crystal bones’.  Although his bones may be fragile, Daniel’s heart is intact and full of passion for Chivas USA. With his season tickets, he attends all the Chivas USA matches at The Home Depot Center along with his parents Adolfo and Ana, originally from El Salvador.

“I want to thank them for always being there for me and for taking me to the Chivas USA games,” said Daniel of his parents.

Attending each game is a painful and potentially risky undertaking for Daniel, but the happiness he feels after every match is worth the effort. “Win or lose, I will always be cheerful of my team,” he said.

Daniel inherited that undying love of the Red-and-White colors from his father at a very young age. “My dad and I are super-fans of Chivas de Guadalajara,” he said.  “When Chivas USA started in Los Angeles, we immediately became fans and started to cheer on our new team.”

He has a vast collection of Chivas USA autographed soccer balls, but they’re carefully saved inside his closet, “so they won’t get dirty and nobody will play with them,” he said. “Someday I will be able to buy cases so they can be protected and I will display them with my Chivas USA jerseys for all to see.”

Daniel admires goalkeeper Dan Kennedy and is grateful to coach Robin Fraser for giving the 28-year-old a chance in goal this season.  But his favorite Goat is Justin Braun. “His teammates need to pass him the ball more often, so he can score,” said Daniel.  “Justin proved himself against the New York Red Bulls.  [The strategy should be] keep the ball and make sure Justin gets it, that simple.”

If Daniel could play soccer, he would be a defender.   “I would be able to defend our team from losing games,” he says.  “I wouldn’t let any player from the other team score against us.”

You believe him when he says it.  You can see the determination in his eyes.  It’s the same determination that brings him out to The Home Depot Center game after game, to support the team he loves.

The strength of Daniel’s heart far exceeds his bones’ fragility.  His love for Chivas USA is a perfect example of real fan passion, and Daniel hopes he can inspire others to bleed Red-and-White in the same way.  He has experienced a lot in his years supporting the team, but two wishes still remain.

“I would like to be the Chivas USA coach for one day, and I would die to see my Red-and-White win the MLS championship, especially against the LA Galaxy.”