Quotes: Post-match quotes from Real Salt Lake & Chivas USA


On Marcos Mondaini’s tackle on Javier Morales:

“To be honest, I didn’t think it was the most flagrant of fouls... It’s in the attacking third and Javi was clearly getting ready to shoot. I understand the urgency of the situation from the defender trying to make the play and I really don’t think it was that egregious.”

On having a two-man advantage and scoring one goal:

“This is one of those situations where you can look at it one way and say that up two men we should score a goal--we should score three goals. Or you can look at it the other way and say when you put eight players in your own half of the field, all of them behind the goal, right on top of the penalty box, it’s difficult to score.”

On the overall play of his team:

“We need to come out of this funk, and I don’t think that performance showed that we’re out of this funk. It's (a lack of) confidence and willingness of players to take some risks, play a little quicker, and trust that their teammate is going to take a good touch if they play it to them under a little bit of pressure. Right now it’s like we’re seeing options and we’re hesitating.”


On the way Javier Morales’ injury affected the rest of the game:

“It definitely made the game a bit strange for everybody when you see Javi’s ankle twisted and in a position that you never want to see. As far as the challenge is concerned I don’t think [Mondaini] went in there meaning to break Javi’s ankle, but he did mean to foul him.”

On how Real Salt Lake started the second half:

“That second half was really frustrating to be honest. I don’t think that we put together the right passes. I don’t think we were all on the same page. I don’t think we were all working for each other and that’s unfortunate. I think that a lot of guys were spooked by that tackle (on Morales).”


On what Real Salt Lake takes away from the game:

“The three points were big because that puts us back in the right direction. It was nowhere near good enough for this team with the quality that we have within this group. Sometimes you don’t play well and you have to find ways to win games. We’d love to play perfectly every game, never miss a pass and win 5-0, but it doesn’t work that way.”

On playing against a nine-man Chivas team:

“Even with 11 men I don’t think that they were going to do much attacking. Most teams when they come here don’t really try to attack.”


Overall thoughts on the match:

“We had a pretty good start and were able to put them under some pressure, which is a pretty hard thing to do here. After the first red card the tone of the game changed a bit, and after the second red card the tone changed greatly.”

On nearly getting a result playing two men down:

“In the second half we came out and defended as hard as we could. We were down two men against the best team in the league. If we could have walked out of there 0-0, what a tremendous result that would have been for us.”

On Marcos Mondaini’s tackle on Javier Morales:

“It was a clumsy challenge. It certainly wasn’t malicious; it was more like a forward stuck in the midfield having to make tackles. It was a clumsy challenge, but I know 100% there was no malicious intent.”


On the tackle on Javier Morales that earned a straight red card:

“It was a very unfortunate play and unfortunately I was involved in it. It wasn’t my intention (to cause the injury). I’m aware we are colleagues. This is a sport and we have families and I would never have the intention to injure a colleague.

“I never go out with bad intentions, I just go out there and play hard. I want to tell Morales that I wish he recovers promptly and I hope he returns to playing soon.”


On the play of Chivas USA on the afternoon:

“I can’t say much after the 25th minute, but for the guys to hold on till the 87th minute, down two men, they put in one hell of a fight and my props go to them.”

On receiving a red card 25 minutes in:

“I think I put myself in a vulnerable possession, and when you do that maybe you make a mistake and give the referee a chance to send you off. It happens sometimes.”