QUOTES: Moreno & Kennedy talk about tonight's win

Alejandro Moreno

Moreno on tonight’s match

Today, we were able to create good opportunities; we got numbers in the box and guys in from the midfield into the box, late runs into the box, and runs to the near post. It was a through performance by us in the final third. Not only did we score three goals but created a few more chances after that. It’s one of those nights were you got to feel very good about and continue to build on things that we’re doing and we look forward to a big challenge ahead of us next week.

On upcoming matches

Right now we’re just focusing on Salt Lake and we’ll tackle the upcoming games when they come. We’re going in to a challenge with a team that has done many good things in the past few years and they’re a tough team to play in Salt Lake City. It’s important that we believe in the things that we’re doing and continue our shape defensively and know that we have capable players defensively to create enough chances to win games.

On goals

It was a good throughput goal by Ante. The defender was expecting me to try to hold the ball, I felt him pretty close to me and I was able to turn around, Marco made a nice run for the ball and I was trying to find him and he obviously finished it very well. It was an important goal for us not only to finish the first half with a 2-0 lead but really knowing that we kept possession in the final third and we’re always going to be like this and we’re going to create opportunities.

On his goal

It’s my kind of goal. I found myself in two dangerous positions in and around the box, I saw the ball being played back, figured it was a dangerous ball to be playing but I tried to jump on it and do a back touch and I was able to take advantage of it.

Once they played it back, I thought ‘this might turn into something’ and he took a heavy touch on the ball and I was able to finish it. You take them [ball] in any way you can and they all count the same.

Dan Kennedy

On upcoming games

It’s going to be a big month. I think the important thing for us is that we take it one at a time, no reason to get overwhelmed with it. Next we’re off to Salt Lake- we’ll have a great week of preparation and if anyone knows Salt Lake, I think our coaching staff has a pretty good idea of how we’re going to get at them so that we’ll prepare for it and it’ll be a great game.

You talk about momentum, you talk about character and these games can gain some momentum in this league. In just two weeks, in terms of where we are in the league, standings wise, how much it can help. We just got to keep going in the right direction.