QUOTES: Fraser and Moreno talk about the tie in Columbus

Chivas USA head coach Robin Fraser

On the game

“I’m pretty disappointed with the tie to be quite honest. I think we all are. At the end, I’m happy to get a point. I’d rather have a point than no points, but certainly I felt like we played well enough to get all three points. We really made some mistakes at the end but coming off the game last week where we didn’t play very well. I felt we did extremely well in terms of possession and then in turning the possession into chances. In the end, we’ll take the draw on the road but it’s a game we felt we could’ve won.”

On the amount of goals scored in the game

“I think that when we play well, and we have from time to time, when we play well we create chances and it’s a matter of whether we are going to finish them. Tonight obviously we did pretty well with our chances. It’s one of these things, when we play confidently we’re pretty good.”

Chivas USA forward Alejandro Moreno

General impressions of the game

“We feel we gave away two points. We showed some good things going forward in the first half. We maintained some good possession and created some chances. You score three goals on the road, you expect to get three points. We had some breakdowns and some mistakes. In the end we held on for a point. I guess we’ll take it but I feel like we gave away two points tonight.”

On the often eventful Crew-Chivas matches

“They seem to be open games. I think in the first half we were controlling the game quite well. It felt like we were limiting their chances and that we got more of the ball. In the second half we lost control of the ball we lost the momentum. We showed no composure and got punished for it. We made enough mistakes that allowed the Crew to get back into the game and obviously once the red card happened, all of a sudden we’re hanging on to get a point.”

On feeling fortunate to get the tie after going down a man with 20 minutes left to play

“Well we put ourselves in that situation. I still maintain that we hung on for a point but we shouldn’t have been in that position to begin with. It came from mistakes, it came from us not being able to keep the ball when we had the chance to do so. We didn’t really manage the game the way we should have. In the end we were punished but again we’ll take the point.”