Post-match quotes: Chivas USA @ New York

Coach Fraser & Justin Braun's post-match reactions


On the play of Justin Braun:
Justin was tremendous. I thought all night long he was just a real presence on the attacking end of the field. He ran a lot of things down; he was obviously very efficient in front of the goal. I think for him it’s great, it’s good for him, for his confidence. His season started a little late because he was injured for most of preseason, and I think he’s been somewhat frustrated with his own play. I think tonight’s going to be tremendous for his confidence.

On his team so far this season:
This group is unbelievably motivated. They have tremendous character. If you look at this season so far, some of the results we’ve had, the effort with which we’ve played, they’re extremely motivated, and a focused group. They’re very much concentrating on getting better and better every week, and finding a way to get results. Tonight was a prime example of a team that gutted out a result.

On if Braun’s hat trick will earn him more playing time:
Well, a guy scores three goals, what are you going to do? I think Justin has been good. Justin had a late start to the year, so I think it’s just been a little bit of him coming along. He’s certainly come on in games and done well, but tonight certainly was his coming out party for the year. You have a performance like that, you certainly make a statement for yourself.

On how important a win over the Red Bulls is for Chivas USA:
I think as a group that’s growing, we’re in the building process, it’s extremely important. I think to be a championship team, you have to be able to win on days where you don’t play particularly well. I thought we didn’t play great today, but we still found ways to get the ball into the net, we still found ways to defend that lead. I think for a young group that is growing and in the building process, I think a result like this, with this kind of effort, further confirms everything that we’re trying to do. I think as a young team coming up, this win will be extremely important down the road.


On his first MLS hat trick:
In MLS, that’s my first. A cool moment for me. The goods thing is, is that the team came in and got three points on the road against one of the top teams.

On his three goals:
I just tried to make the runs and put myself in the positions where I could find the ball. My teammates were fortunate enough to get the ball there. Without the service, the goals don’t come. When I got the ball, I just tried to hit it on frame. I’m pretty happy about it, it’s a big moment for me to have the first hat trick of my career.

On finally getting on the score sheet:
I hadn’t scored until this game, so I think it was kind of a coming out game for me. Hopefully I can build on it, gain some confidence from it, and keep moving forward, keep scoring goals and helping this team win.