Practice Report: April 6

Passing, tactics focus of extended session

Elliott Moreno Practice Report

Photo Credit: 
David Lindholm / Chivas USA Communications

CARSON, Calif. (Wednesday, April 6, 2011) - Chivas USA trained at The Home Depot Center on Wednesday morning, staying on the field for a relatively long practice as the team worked on passing, tactics, and fitness. After a warm-up and a few passing drills, the group split into four teams and played small-sided games with a neutral player working with the team on offense. After short matches, the losing team would do quick fitness. Then the team divided in half and did a full field scrimmage, working out potential formations and teams for Saturday’s game against the Columbus Crew, which kicks off at 7:30 p.m. PT at The Home Depot Center.

An encouraging presence on the field were veterans Simon Elliott, Paulo Nagamura, and Jimmy Conrad, all recovering from injuries. Elliott, who sprained his knee at the end of preseason, was the most active, playing as a neutral player in the short-sided games. Nagamura continues to rehab his strained calf and did ball work throughout the practice, and Conrad, coming back from a concussion suffered against Colorado, was passing and running throughout the training session.